Solar Energy Service in Ocala, FL

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Energy for Homes in Central Florida

One of the most costly expenses of owning a residential or business property is your energy bill. Even if you do your best to save energy, you’re stuck with utility companies’ pricing which is more expensive than it used to be. This is especially true in Florida.

During the scorching hot, humid summer, we run our air conditioners to keep comfortable. But what’s the alternative? Sweating to death? Switching to a solar energy system can keep you comfortable, plus make a huge difference in the cost of your energy bill. Call us today to find out more about our premium solar power systems.

State-certified Solar Contractor Florida State-certified Solar Contractor

When residents of Ocala and The Villages want to make the switch to alternative energy sources, they trust Solar Lights & More. We’ve been providing outstanding home solar system products and service for over 20 years.

We’ve built excellent reputation for reliable customer service and installing the highest quality products and brands, including SunBandit, FAFCO and SunPower. Today, we’re proud to be your premier solar energy provider in Ocala!

Comprehensive Solar Energy Solutions

If you want your home to operate on clean energy, solar power is one of the best energy alternatives. There are many different ways you can incorporate solar energy into your home. At Solar Lights & More, we can help you install and maintain the following solar solutions:

Comprehensive solar energy solutions Provider in Florida

Solar energy is free and environmentally friendly

Solar is green energy in more than one way. Once installed, solar energy is free. This means this will keep more green in your bank account, rather than paying out to the utility companies. Furthermore, solar electricity is green because it reduces the amount of fossil fuels you use. This makes the planet happy. It’s a win-win.

Not convincing enough? Installing a home solar energy system will also increase the value of your home. The solar equipment itself requires very little maintenance, can withstand the most severe weather conditions, and allows you to become energy independent.

Ready to make the switch to cost-effective, clean energy? Call our team to inquire about installing your household solar power system!

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