Blog Posts in June, 2015

Understanding Your Solar Water Heater

Florida lives up to its nickname “the Sunshine State,” and many homeowners throughout North Central Florida take advantage of this by harnessing solar energy to light their homes, keep ...
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Saving Money with Solar Attic Fans

On long, hot summer days in North Central Florida, the sunlight shining on your roof can cause the temperature in your attic to climb into the triple digits. This can have several negative effects. ...
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A Look at the Tax Benefits of Going Solar

Many residents of North Central Florida are already aware of the energy-saving and environmental benefits of installing solar panels near Clermont. Since solar energy is free and renewable, you reduce ...
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What Are the Key Features of Solar Tubular Lights?

In North Central Florida, the sun shines year-round, providing free solar energy and lighting. That’s why many homeowners choose to install solar tube lighting in the Villages. Solar tubular ...
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What Are Your Solar Water Heater Options

Solar power is one of the most abundant resources in Florida, and installing a solar water heater near Clermont is one of the most effective ways to take advantage of it. Solar water heaters will save ...
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Comparing Gas and Solar Pool Heaters

Although Florida’s weather is famously warm all year long, you still need a pool heater if you want to go for a swim in comfortable water most of the year. Generally, without a heater the ...
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A Primer on Solar Energy

When you take a stroll through the community, you may notice that many residents have installed solar pool heating panels in the Villages. In fact, many homeowners all across North Central Florida ...
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Get the Most from Your Pool with Solar Heating

To take advantage of the excellent Florida weather, follow the lead of thousands of homeowners who have already installed solar pool heating systems in Clermont. A pool heater allows you to swim ...
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