Solar Panels in Central Florida

Save Time and Energy as well as Protect the Environment

Every home needs power, and there are different ways to get it. If you are interested in the solar route, consider working with the team at Solar Lights & More. We will ensure that you choose the right solar panels for your home in North Central Florida so you can save time and energy as well as protect the environment.

Why Solar Panels? Solar Panels for Your Home in Ocala, FL

  • Energy Savings - A significant portion of a homeowner’s monthly expenses goes to energy bills, which is one reason efficiency has become such an important factor. The less power your household requires, the more you can save on your bills. Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and turn them into energy that you can use for your hot water heater, your electricity, pool heating or your indoor lighting. If you live in the right area, solar energy may be so effective that it eliminates the need for electric utilities altogether.
  • Environmental Protection - Global warming and climate change have come to the forefront of the societal consciousness in the United States, and more and more people are wondering how they can reduce their carbon footprints. By nature, solar panels reduce the need for other types of energy sources. This means that you can keep your home powered without sapping nonrenewable resources, thereby limiting your impact and protecting the environment.
  • Convenience - Solar panels passively gather energy, so you don’t need to do much to maintain them. You can even invest in A/C energy storage systems that store the energy your solar panels gathered throughout the day. Solar panels are also convenient in the sense that they can increase the value of your home, so you can raise your asking price if you decide to move. Talk to the professionals at Solar Lights & More to find out how we can help maintain your solar system and keep it as convenient as possible.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

If you decide that solar panels are right for your home, don’t wait to make the purchase. Make sure when you do, however, you work with a company that will offer a top-notch installation. Your residential solar system must be installed properly to capture sunlight and provide your home with reliable energy. The team at Solar Lights & More has a wealth of experience in solar panels and is happy to keep yours in top shape for as long as you have them.

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