What You Should Know About Attic Fans

Importance Of Solar Attic Fans

As every North Central Florida homeowner knows, venting your attic is a must for ensuring that your roof stays strong and that your HVAC system continues to function properly. If you’re considering adding a solar attic fan to your Clermont attic, there are a few things you should know about how this simple and highly effective system can benefit you.

Solar attic fans are non-disruptive. solar attic fan
If you’re concerned about the cost of ventilating your attic, a solar attic fan is the perfect solution. Solar attic fans take up very little space, and they don’t make any noise. You won’t need to connect your attic fan to an electrical outlet, and it requires little to no maintenance.

Solar attic fans can save you money.
Attics can get extremely hot, particularly in the summer. Cooling your attic with a solar fan will help to keep your entire house cool, which will help you rein in your monthly energy expenses. A solar fan also costs nothing to operate, since it runs on the free energy provided by the Florida sun.

Solar attic fans can eliminate potential repairs.
By keeping your roofing shingles and insulation from becoming overheated and damp, a solar attic fan can reduce your need to make repairs in your attic. Since solar attic fans prevent your attic from getting too warm, they can also protect you from mold and mildew buildup that can be caused by the moist Florida air.

Solar attic fans are diverse.
Solar attic fans work well in a wide range of different spaces. Whether you want to cool your house, a garage or storage shed, a workshop, or even a barn, a solar attic fan can improve air circulation and keep the roof materials dry and sturdy. No matter what kind of attic space you need to ventilate, a solar attic fan can provide you with the service you are looking for.