Dive into Solar Pool Heating [Infographic]

Solar pool heating infographic

Your pool is a major investment, so why not get the most use out of it as possible? To extend your pool season, you need to heat your water, but most people give up on that option because of the cost. Using a gas heater to warm your pool can cost hundreds of dollars each month. The good news for pool owners is that there is an alternative—solar pool heating. For less than the cost of installing a gas heater, you can tap into solar energy to keep your pool comfortable even when temperatures outside begin to slide downwards. This eco-friendly pool heating solution adds value to your home and even helps to control pool overheating during the summer. Learn more about the benefits of solar pool heating in this infographic from Florida’s Solar Lights & More . Share this information with fellow pool owners to help more people learn how to keep splashing even after summer has ended without hefty heating bills.

Infographic on Solar Pool Heating by Solar Lights & More