What Benefits Do Solar Attic Fans Offer?

Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

Good attic ventilation is important for many reasons. For example, proper venting cools your roof, reduces the load on your air conditioner, and even extends the life of your roofing material. Thanks to solar attic fans , it’s never been easier or more affordable to maintain proper ventilation in your attic. Whether you’re looking to replace old attic fans, building a new home, or completing a home addition, here are some of the benefits of going with solar attic fans.

Safer to Run Benefits of Solar Attic Fans
Standard line-powered attic fans can create zones of negative pressure, which increases the risk of pulling conditioned air from the house into the attic and the possibility of pulling combustion gases (carbon monoxide) back into the house. Because solar attic do not create negative pressure, there is no such concern of dangerous combustion gases being pulled into the home or pulling conditioned air from the house.

Less Cost to Operate
One of the biggest advantages of installing solar attic fans is the cost savings compared to line-powered fans. Solar fans don’t cost anything to run since they are powered by free energy from the sun. And because solar-powered attic fans can help reduce the load on your AC system, you can save money on your cooling costs without incurring any additional expenses.

Easier to Install
Because solar attic fans do not require any additional wiring, they are much easier to install than line-powered fans. If you have a professional install the fans, the easy nature of the installation will keep labor costs low.

Get in touch with a solar energy company in Central Florida to learn more about the benefits of solar-powered attic fans and to determine how many solar fans you need to effectively ventilate your attic.