How Much Hot Water Can I Expect from Sun Bandit®?

Sun Bandit Water Heater

Are you tired of paying for your hot water near The Villages, FL? If so, then consider switching to a Sun Bandit® solar water heating system. This technology provides you with a way to take advantage of a renewable, practical, and affordable energy source. If you’re interested in enjoying water that’s heated for free year after year, then Sun Bandit® could be right for you.

Sun Bandit® uses a patent pending hybrid technology for harvesting and utilizing the sun’s energy. These quiet and dependable solar water heating systems allow families and businesses to enjoy dependable hot water day after day.

Some of the most common questions that people have about Sun Bandit® solar water heaters is regarding how much hot water they can produce. Because of the nature of solar energy, your orientation, location, water consumption patterns, and water supply temperatures can all affect the amount of hot water the system can produce. Typically in Central Florida, including the Villages, most systems produce 85-100% of your hot water needs. Speak with a Sun Bandit® provider to learn how much hot water the system could produce for your home or building.

How Much Hot Water Can I Expect from Sun Bandit®?

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