Answering Common Questions About Solar Water Heaters

FAQs on Solar Water Heaters

 Common Questions Shopping for a water heater is a significant decision for any homeowner. As you are choosing a new water heater for your house, you may want to consider the advantages of switching over to a solar unit. Solar hot water systems are a revolutionary new addition to the water heater market. With solar hot water, you can receive limitless hot water, while also dramatically reducing your energy bills. A company offering solar water heating near Ocala, FL can provide you with all of the information that you need for your solar water heater installation. Read on for a look at answers to some common questions about solar water heaters.

How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

The first question that you may have about solar water heating is about how these units work to provide hot water for your home. Unlike conventional water heaters, which must be connected to a natural gas or electrical system, solar water heaters are attached to photovoltaic panels that are located on the home’s roof. The photovoltaic panels collect solar energy, which is used to heat up the water that is stored in the tank.

Will a Solar Water Heater Work for My Home?

As you are shopping for solar water heaters, you may have questions about whether these units are suitable for the needs of your household. In fact, solar water heaters have the same hot water storage capacities as conventional units. To ensure that your solar water heater is large enough for your family, you may want to choose a tank that is 80 gallons or larger.

How Much Energy Will My Solar Water Heater Save?

After you install a solar water heater on your property, you can expect to notice a difference in your energy bills right away. A solar water heater is up to 85 percent more efficient than a conventional water heating unit. In the first year alone, households can save up to $600 or more after making the switch to a solar water heater.