Saving Energy with Solar Tubular Skylights

solar skylight

Saving on household utility costs is on the minds of most homeowners. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your electric bill charges, then consider installing solar tubes. These fixtures use light from the sun to illuminate your interiors, allowing you to keep more of your home’s lights off during the day. Continue reading to learn about the energy-saving benefits of installing solar tubular lights in The Villages, FL.

Solar Tubular Skylights

Made from durable acrylic that is low-profile and sleek, a tubular skylight captures sunlight that hits your roof. The light is collected within a dome and then reflected downward through a tube that is highly-reflective, much like a mirror. The light travels down until it reaches the bottom of the tube, where it then illuminates an area of your home through an attractive ceiling fixture.

Solar tubular lights can be more effective than skylights because one of these fixtures can provide as much natural light as a skylight several times its size. Also, solar tubes are highly versatile, having the ability to brighten any room in your home. Finally, because solar tubular lights require no electricity, they can reduce the amount that you pay for utilities.