FAFCO Solar Pool Heater

The Unique Design Provides Unmatched Performance and Maximum Energy Output

Enjoy the perfect swim all year round with a FAFCO solar pool heater! Not only will your pool keep warm during cooler weather, but solar pool heaters also can cool water temperature when it’s extremely hot! Solar Lights & More is proud to offer FAFCO’s solar pool heating system. They are the most trusted brand with over 1.3 million solar panels installed worldwide. Speak with our experts today about installing a solar heater for your pool!

How does the FAFCO solar pool heating system work?

The FAFCO solar pool heating system consists of solar collectors – which are installed on the nearby rooftop – a solar sensor and an automatic control unit. First, you set your preferred temperature with the control unit. Then a pump sends cold pool water up to the solar collectors, where the sun’s heat warms the water as it flows through the collectors. The warm water returns back to the pool.

This process continuously circulates until it reaches your preset temperature level. The sensor will turn off the system at night or in limited sunshine to prevent the pool from cooling (unless you want to cool the water in hotter climates instead). For further information or answers to your questions, simply contact our team at Solar Lights & More.

Why do we install FAFCO solar products?

At Solar Lights & More, we only install the highest quality solar products available on the market. FAFCO meets our quality standard. Why do we choose FAFCO solar pool heating systems over other brands?

Firstly, FAFCO was the first company to introduce solar heating for swimming pools, and were also the first to invest in performance improvements. Secondly, it is backed by a 12 year full repair and replacement warranty. Most other brand products only offer 0-5 year warranties. Finally, they have a state-of-the-art solar research, design and production facility. This means FAFCO is dedicated to delivering the best now and into the future.

If you’re living in The Villages or the Ocala area, and want to get the most out of your swimming pool, contact our knowledgeable team today!

Getting the most from your solar pool heating system

Your pool is a valuable investment that enhances the value of your home. A solar pool heating system can help you get even greater enjoyment at any time of year. Using these handy tips, you can get the most from your solar water heating system:

  • Covering your pool at night with an insulating pool cover will prevent evaporation and hold heat in. This will reduce the workload on your solar pool heater and improve the comfort of your pool.
  • During the hottest months of the year, running your solar pool heater at night can cool your pool down so the water is more refreshing during the day.
  • Run your solar water heater during the sunniest part of the day for the best heating results, even if you don’t plan to swim until later.

Treat yourself and your guests to the perfect pool experience. Call our team in Ocala to install your solar pool heater today!

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