Solar Pool Heater Frequently Asked Questions

Save Money and Stay Comfortable with a Solar Pool Heater

Get the most out of your pool year-round by installing a solar pool heater from Solar Lights & More in Ocala, FL. You can start using your pool in early March with no other heat source needed and won’t have to stop until late November by utilizing the planet’s vast natural resource, the sun! Your new solar pool heater will gather warmth from the sun’s natural rays and heat your pool for free. Save $300 a month on average by allowing Solar Lights & More to install your new pool heater from ECOSUN® Solar Pool Heaters by Aquatherm. As an industry leader when it comes to innovation and design, we believe their products are the best at giving you the longest swim season and will work to save you the most money. Release your pool from the money-hungry conventional gas or electric heater and start enjoying the extra money in your wallet today!

How Much Money Will I Save with a Solar Pool Heater?

On average, families that utilize solar pool heaters save up to $300 a month. That is a lot of money that you could be spending on the ice cream truck or a much-needed vacation! Since the heat is obtained for free from the sun, the main cost you face is the purchase of your new solar pool heater itself. If you’re tired of paying the utility company $2,700 a year or more to enjoy your backyard pool, give Solar Lights & More a call and let us help you enjoy your pool throughout the year at a much lower price.

How Difficult is the Installation of a Solar Pool Heater?

Not difficult at all! You won’t have to miss one day of fun and relaxation in your pool. Once you reach out to us for your free solar consultation, we are at your house within 48 hours to assess your situation and can give you a same-day quote. After that, we will install the pool heater system within 2 weeks, and only need one day to get it fully prepared and delivering free warm water for everyone to enjoy. Our professional installation team works quickly and efficiently so you can get back to important cannonball contests with your nephews.

How Do I Prepare My Backyard for My New Solar Pool Heater?

Most solar collectors are installed on the south-facing side of your roof, though they can be effective on other roofs, as well. The best thing to do is to ensure that your roof won’t need replaced or major repairs in the next year before installing your heater system. Other than that, get ready to swim!

Does My Pool Stay Warm at Night?

Evening swims are the best! At Solar Lights & More, we use ECOSUN® Solar Pool Heaters by Aquatherm. They utilize a sensor that prevents your pool from being cooled by automatically triggering the controller to shut off the system and drain the water from the collectors in your solar pool heater — allowing you and your family to enjoy the pool at comfortable temperatures all day and all night.

How Well Does It Actually Heat the Water?

Solar pool heaters will differentiate temperatures depending on the make and model. The size of your pool also affects how warm the heater can make it. Make sure you speak to an expert at Solar Lights & More to get the proper model for your pool dimensions. On average, solar pool heaters can get central Florida pools up to any desired temperature in the bright summer months and about 88° F in the fall and early spring. Utilizing a solar blanket when your pool is not in use will yield better results and help keep it warmer longer.

Will My Pool Get as Hot as It Does with a Gas Heater?

Not only will it get as hot, but it does it for free! On top of that, solar pool heaters can actually cool your pool, which no gas heater can do for your Ocala, FL pool. As soon as we finish installing your solar pool heater, it starts working to pay itself off, instead of your old gas heater which requires you to spend money continually.

How Long Can I Rely on My Solar Pool Heater Before Replacing?

There are pool heaters that last for 20 years and some that don’t make it past five. Make sure that you trust your dealer and understand the product they are selling you before you purchase. Aquatherm is the largest US manufacturer of solar thermal heating systems. We install their systems because they are reliable with little to no maintenance needed and they are backed by a 12-year full repair and replacement warranty. Most other solar pool heater companies only offer five-year warranties at max.

Why heat my pool?

Your pool represents a significant financial investment. Heating your pool enables you and your family to enjoy your investment more than just a few months a year. Heating your pool enables you to comfortably enjoy your pool earlier in the spring, evenings, after work, and later in the fall. A warmer pool means more time for family fun, more opportunities for energizing exercise, and a more comfortable place for family and friends.

Is a solar pool heater better than a gas heater?

We think so. A solar pool heater can be less expensive upfront than a gas heater, depending on the size of your pool. Once a solar pool heater is installed, your heat is FREE from the sun. With a gas heater, you could pay the gas company as much as $300 a month to comfortably heat your pool. Also, solar is non-polluting, and it can COOL your pool during hot summer months, something NO gas heater can do!

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Pool Heater How do I compare a gas heater to a solar pool heater?

First, check the operating costs. Will, you really be willing to pay the gas bill, or will you shut off the pool heater when you need it most?

Second, ask about annual maintenance costs. Solar has none. Also, determine the life of the system. Solar pool heating systems can last 30 years.

Lastly, what are you really trying to accomplish with a pool heater? If you want your pool to be a comfortable swimming temperature all season long, then choose solar.

Can pool solar panels be used to heat the house?

No. Solar pool panels and controls are designed specifically to heat a large volume of water in a swimming pool and to operate in temperature ranges of 80 to 100 degrees. Household space heating and household hot water are different applications of solar, requiring the heating of smaller volumes of water to higher temperatures. Find out more about how solar can heat the water in your home.

Call for More Information on Solar Pool Heater Installation

Your pool is a significant investment for your home, don’t you want to enjoy it whenever you can? Utilizing a solar pool heater will extend your family and friend’s use of the pool throughout the year and have you saving money while doing it. Call Solar Lights & More to schedule a free solar consultation and let us get you set up with a new solar pool heater from Aquatherm.

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