Install a SunBandit Solar Water Heater in Ocala, FL

Looking for the most affordable water heating solution for your Ocala household? A SunBandit solar water heater is the answer you’ve been looking for. Solar Lights & More specifically installs and works with SunBandit due to its leading technology and design. Achieving energy independence has just gotten easier! Get in touch with us for further information or to get started.

The best solar water heating solution

SunBandit is one of the leading solar water heater manufacturers in the United States. You can now have a solar water heating system in your home for a lower installation cost and a simple installation process. Why choose SunBandit?

  • More affordable installation: The SunBandit solar water heating system enables even more households to enjoy the benefits of a solar water heater.
  • Eliminate pumping water to the roof: Unlike conventional solar water heating systems, the SunBandit solar water heater doesn’t need to pump water to the roof to warm it. Instead, solar energy is used to heat the water that’s already in the tank. A freeze-resistant heat transfer solution eliminates the need to drain the solar collectors when the system is not operating.

Installation and Maintenance

The experts at Solar Lights & More will install your SunBandit solar water heater and perform any future maintenance to your solar panels. The SunBandit hybrid water heater installs just like a conventional hot water tank. While SunBandit can be used with all types of fossil fuel systems and existing tankless water heaters, a properly sized SunBandit system is much more cost-effective and efficient.

And when it comes to the PV panels, our team will help you choose the right location and install them on your rooftop. We will also ensure compliance with local code and regulations regarding the installation of your system.

For the most affordable solar water heater available, contact us at (352) 502-4657!

Why Choose Us?

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