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Quality, High-Tech, Energy-Efficient Solar Product and Service Provider in Ocala, Florida

Solar Lights & More, a state-certified solar contractor in Ocala, Florida, specializes in quality, high-tech, and energy-efficient solar products.

Kathy and Kevin McMonigle, owners of Solar Lights & More, have been selling and installing solar products in North Central Florida since 1996. They encourage people with an interest in what solar energy can do to call and educate themselves. It is common to hear people say “it would cost a fortune to get off the grid” but being “off the grid” is really not the goal.

You can reduce your electric bill by adding solar products gradually as your budget allows. This year add a Solar Tubular Skylight and an attic fan which would reduce your electric bill and increase the health of your attic and brighten up a dark room with our electricity or heat transfer. The addition of more products, some we carry and others we can consult with you on will continue to reduce your electric bill.

Solar Lights & More understands that you are looking for affordable, sustainable, and responsible approaches to securing safe and reliable solar energy with expertise and premier products from energy technology leaders who provide high value and deliver real solutions. Solar Lights & More also has knowledge of state and federal incentive programs and provides customized energy solutions for your home and business with the foremost solar technology products to meet your unique needs.

For more information and a complimentary solar evaluation and consultation, we encourage you to give Solar Lights & More a call and give them the opportunity to provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to make a wise choice in bringing solar energy into your life as a clean, green energy savings investment while leaving the world a “better place” for your grandchildren and their children. What a great legacy that would be!

Kathy, Kaitlyn & Kevin McMonigle, owners of Solar Lights & More
Kathy, Kaitlyn & Kevin McMonigle
Enjoy solar products in your Florida home

Solar Lights and More is proud of our credentials and affiliations with these fine groups:

  • Florida State Certified Solar Contractors (CVC56750) (CVC57208)
  • Certified Energy Rater since 1997 by the State of Florida.
  • Member of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
  • Member of FLASEIA (Florida Solar Energy Industry Association)
  • Affiliated with FLASEREF (Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation)

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Why Choose Us?

  • State Certified Solar Contractor
  • High Tech and High Quality Solar Product
  • Cost effective and Clean Energy
  • Increase Property Value
  • Tax Incentives
  • Exceptional Warranties On All Product
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed