Solar Pool Heater Warranties for Ocala, FL Homes

Aquatherm Provides a 12-Year Warranty on Solar Pool Heaters 

At Solar Lights & More, we only want to work with the best, which is why we chose Aquatherm. They are the leading manufacturer of solar pool heating systems. They are also the largest supplier of other cost-effective water heating technologies that minimize environmental impact. Aquatherm offers a 12-year warranty for their solar pool heaters including hardware, to give you peace of mind about your purchase in Ocala, FL. Should anything go wrong, you can rest easy knowing you are working with the best of the best.  

Solar Pool Heater installed on Roof Aquatherm Protects Ocala, FL Solar Pool Heaters

Aquatherm has two 12-year warranties for your new solar pool heater purchased from Ocala’s Solar Lights & More. These non-transferrable warranties are only in effect for the original purchaser and the 12 years begins from the invoice’s date of installation by the experts at Solar Lights & More. Check out the warranties below. If you have further questions, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist.  

Collector Warranty: Aquatherm warrants you shall not have issues with the solar collectors installed and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. They also warrant the device will have no issues with freezing water or corrosion from scale buildup inside the tubes 

Hardware Warranty: Aquatherm warrants all factory-provided hoses, hose clamps, pipe adapters, strapping, end caps, and stainless-steel mounting hardware will be protected from defects and workmanship, nor will your solar pool heater fail from corrosion or scale up to 12 years. 

Contact Solar Lights & More for Further Information

If you have questions or concerns about these solar pool heater warranties, what they cover, or how we honor them, please give us a call directly at Solar Lights & More in Ocala, FL. Our professional team is happy to help you further understand our products and how you can keep yourself protected with these 12-year warranties on solar pool heaters offered from Aquatherm. 

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