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Get a Solar Pool Heater to Swim All Year Long!

When you buy a pool for your Ocala, FL home, you want to be able to swim in it whenever you want. Don’t let chilly weather keep you from enjoying your backyard investment. Solar Lights & More carries the ECOSUN from Aquatherm, allowing you and your guests to swim all year long! Since 1989, Aquatherm Industries, Inc. has been helping Ocala residents and beyond maintain the perfect temperature in their pool. They’re now the largest manufacturer of solar pool heaters in the United States. The ECOSUN solar pool heater uses the unlimited power supply of the sun to make your pool comfortable all day and all night, no matter the outdoor temperatures.  

While the days stay pretty warm all year in Ocala, FL, the nights can get a little chilly. If you are not using your pool at night or on days where we have cloud coverage and there is a brisk wind, it’s time to call Solar Lights & More. Our professional team will help you assess your needs and wants to see how we can warm your pool with the ECOSUN solar pool heater. Get your pool heated from free solar energy today using a solar pool heating system

The Aquatherm-ECOSUN from Solar Lights & More Works for You

Begin by setting the desired temperature for your pool. The solar collectors we install on your roof will then begin to collect cool water from your pool as the heat valves open. While inside the fluted tubes, they are able to absorb the sun’s unlimited heat. The design of the tube gives them 10% more surface area to help maximize their solar heat gain. Once warmed, the heated water will return to your pool and this cycle continues until it reaches the temperature you requested on your solar controller.  

Why Choose Aquatherm-Ecosun from Solar Lights & More?

For over 40 years, Aquatherm has been working towards creating the ECOSUN to be the most productive and energy-efficient solar pool heater. Solar Lights & More has chosen to work with them because of their innovative and reliable design process. They have dedicated themselves to creating the best solar pool heater for Ocala, FL residents, and the rest of the U.S. Once you purchase an ECOSUN solar pool heater from Solar Lights & More, you will have quality warm water for your pool year after year. It is one of the best investments you can purchase for your pool. Here are some of the other wonderful benefits you will appreciate year-round thanks to your solar pool heater panels 

  • The sun heats your solar collectors after pool water cycles through for free 
  • Quick return on investment, as it lowers your energy bills and gas expenses  
  • Built and designed with reliability and durability in mind to last for many years 
  • Low-maintenance allows you to enjoy your pool longer  
  • Built with clean, quality materials that don’t use carbon  
  • The sun warms your water as a clean and renewable energy source 
  • Tested and certified for environmental-friendliness by trusted resources 

Call Solar Lights & More For More Information! 

When you are ready for clean and renewable energy to heat your pool, give Solar Lights & More a call to install a brandnew Aquatherm-ECOSUN solar pool heater! We understand when you install a pool into your backyard, it should be available for use whenever you want. Coldwater can be uncomfortable for most, but thanks to the ECOSUN’s pool solar panels, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm water all year long. Our professionals are waiting to help you today!  

Contact Solar Lights Inc. of Ocala today at (352) 502-4657 for a free solar consultation!

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