Residential and Commercial Solar Battery Backups in Ocala, FL

Save Your Solar Energy for a Rainy Day

Solar energy has increased in popularity, and with good reason. Solar introduces the potential to cool and ventilate your home at virtually no cost while also protecting the environment. Of course, solar panels are powered by the sun. A solar battery backup protects the energy created by your panels to administer on cloudy days or during storms that cause power outages to effectively produce enough energy for your house.

If you need a solar battery installed in your Central Florida home, you can trust Solar Lights & More. We’re industry professionals with decades of experience who are passionate about helping you cut your electricity costs by officially going “off the grid.”

Why Use Solar Battery Backups?

Solar Battery Backup Services in Ocala, FL, & Nearby Areas

With a solar battery backup system, you won’t have to worry about losing power in your home when the sun isn’t shining in the Sunshine State. Solar battery storage allows you to gather the excess energy collected by your solar panels so you can save it for a rainy day.

How Does a Solar Battery Backup Work?

The solar home battery solution offers a simple way to save your solar energy. Most solar panel solutions consist of grid systems. Typically, the excess energy produced by panels gets sent back to the centralized grid system in exchange for credit issued by utility companies in what is considered the net metering system. This way, you’ll guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth from your solar panels.

When you’d rather save the extra energy for yourself instead of sending it back to the grid, solar battery backups come into play. It offers a comfortable way for you to know with certainty that your house will be fully powered by your panels, no matter the weather. Otherwise, if your batteries completely run out because the extra energy wasn’t saved, the grid will issue energy from fossil fuels. Either way, you won’t be out of energy – but the difference lies in saving money from free solar energy over high-cost gas generators.

Benefits of Solar Battery Backups

You’ll enjoy more than your money’s worth by investing in a solar panel battery. There are many benefits to solar battery backups, including:

  • Consuming high amounts of energy: You can safely use energy-sucking products like air conditioning all night long without worrying about running out of solar-produced power.
  • Fully stopping your carbon footprint: By eliminating the need for fossil fuels, you’ll be fully running off solar, removing your carbon footprint entirely.
  • Saving on your electric bill: Purchasing a solar battery is a sound investment since you’ll ultimately distance yourself entirely from fossil fuels, meaning you won’t have to look at an energy bill again.

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