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Solar Lights & More has been providing high-quality, energy-efficient solar products to customers in Ocala, FL and the surrounding area for nearly a quarter-century. Solar energy products are becoming increasingly popular among commercial and residential property owners because of their ability to significantly reduce electricity bills. The innovative technology we provide is affordable, sustainable, and safe, so let our team of experts install them at your facility. We offer solar panels for businesses throughout North Central Florida to keep energy costs down and help protect the environment. To learn more about our commercial solar power systems, call us today.

Commercial Solar Panels Reduce Business Costs

Commercial Solar Services in Ocala, FL, & Nearby Areas
If you are interested in lowering the overhead costs of your business, investing in solar panels or a solar water heating unit is a great choice. In addition to the inherent energy savings, there are also tax incentives behind this investment. The federal government encourages you to invest in free, renewable solar energy. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) established a 30% federal tax credit for purchasing and installing a solar water heater, for which you may qualify. At Solar Lights & More, we are also happy to help you find any other state, municipal, or utility incentives that may lower the cost.

Additional Reasons Why Businesses Are Going Solar

Small business owners are paying some of the highest electricity rates in Florida, so it is no wonder they are opting for commercial solar panels to reduce their costs. But that is just one of many reasons for going solar. Business owners also choose to install commercial solar panels to do their part to protect the environment. Using renewable energy sources makes a positive statement to potential customers and the community at large, so the benefits are both practical and commendable. By enlisting Solar Lights & More to install commercial solar power systems at your business, you can also increase your property’s resale value. Prospective buyers like the idea of turnkey facilities, so having solar panels already installed will give you a leg up in the real estate market when growth necessitates a move to a larger building.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

The benefits of commercial solar systems are not limited to cost savings and future returns on investment. The innovative technology allows you to draw predictable energy from a renewable resource. The energy harvest from a commercial power system is as predictable as the sun’s energy. You will use considerably fewer kilowatt-hours and conserve energy over time, helping to decrease reliance on fossil fuels. This is beneficial to your present-day business, but also helpful for future generations. You are preserving the atmosphere for years to come by lowering emissions and pollution.

Types of Commercial Solar Services We Offer

Solar Lights & More is Ocala’s solar energy expert. We can provide commercial solar power solutions of all types and varieties for your Florida-based business. Commercial solar products we offer include:

  • Solar lights – We provide solar tubular skylights to introduce radiant, natural light to your commercial facility.
  • Solar pool heaters – Extend the duration of pool season by using solar electricity to heat your pool.
  • Solar electric – A commercial solar power system combats rising and unpredictable energy costs for your business.

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What was once the wave of the future has grown into a common solution for business owners in Ocala, FL, and throughout the Sunshine State. Commercial solar panels power businesses throughout the area while also reducing energy costs and protecting the environment. Solar Lights & More is proud to be an industry leader, with expert technicians to install, maintain, and repair commercial solar power systems whenever you need us. To schedule a free consultation regarding solar panels for your business, contact us today.

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