Reliable Solar Panel Removal in Ocala, Florida

Choose Solar Lights Inc for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall

Many solar panels last for up to 20 years or more. However, when you need solar panel removal in Ocala, FL, choose the experienced professional at Solar Lights Inc. As a state-certified solar contractor, we provide comprehensive solar services, including solar panel removal and reinstallation. It’s essential to choose a highly trained and certified team to ensure the safe removal and replacement of your residential or commercial solar panels. Adding solar panels to your home provides you with significant energy savings. Our team is here to ensure you get the very best experience and the most saving from your solar panels. Learn more about solar panel removal, and then contact us for your removal estimate.

When Should I Remove and Reinstall My Solar Panels?

Home and business owners who choose to have solar panels installed on their property may need to have them replaced or removed for numerous reasons. Removing solar panels is dangerous and requires a skilled professional to complete them. Our professionals can handle removal services for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever reason you need solar panel removal, you can feel confident we can help.

  • Roof Work – Solar panels aren’t designed to protect your roof. If your roof is beginning to deteriorate, you need roof repairs. Most roofing companies don’t have the knowledge or tools to remove solar panels from your roof. Our team can remove your existing panels and reinstall them once the roofing project is complete.
  • Outdated Panels – Solar energy is a decades-old technology that is rapidly developing. If your solar panels are outdated and you’d like to replace them with a newer model, our team is available. We can remove your obsolete panels and recommend an updated model for your needs.
  • Updated Location – Sometimes, solar panels aren’t initially installed in the best location. Moving your solar panels to a premium location can significantly improve energy performance. Our team can recommend the best area to reinstall your panels.
  • Panel Damage – Tropical storms and hurricanes can launch debris and potentially damage your solar panels. Sometimes, solar panels need minor repairs. However, in some situations, removal and replacement are the only options.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Removal Process

Solar Panel Removal Services in Ocala, FL

Whenever you’re removing solar panels, it’s essential to use a trusted and experienced solar contractor. Our licensed and knowledgeable team is specifically trained to remove and handle high-voltage solar panels from your roof. Roofing companies may not have the proper tools and experience to remove solar panels and simply refuse to begin work until they have unobstructed access to your roof. We can provide fast and safe solar panel removal services. We follow a comprehensive process to ensure the safety of your panels and home. Our process includes:

  • Consultation – We’ll work with you and the insurance companies and roofers to coordinate the proper timeline for removal and reinstallation. Our goal is to ensure you receive the services you need when you need them.
  • Unplug from the Grid – Your solar panels need to be disconnected from the grid before they can be removed. This process requires a trained professional.
  • Removal – We can safely remove and store your solar panels without damaging them by utilizing specialized equipment and processes. Once they’re ready to be reinstalled, our team will come back to complete the project.

Discover Why Solar Lights Inc Is the Area’s Solar Panel Leader

Home and business owners throughout the community choose Solar Lights & More for all their solar panel removal, installation, and upgrade needs. No other solar panel company in the area has sold more solar products than us since 1996. With decades of industry experience and a wide selection of high-quality products, we’ve established ourselves as the industry’s leader. There are numerous benefits to installing solar panels in your home, including lower energy costs, a lower carbon footprint, and money-saving tax incentives. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals is here to answer any questions about your solar panel removal service. Contact us today to get started.

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