Residential Solar Panels Solutions in Ocala, FL

We Provide Residential Solar Services in Central Florida

Homeowners throughout Ocala, FL and the surrounding area are increasingly opting for residential solar panels from Solar Lights & More. We have been a staple in the community for more than two decades, helping to grow the presence of home solar systems in North Central Florida. In addition to providing significant cost savings, solar panels for your home help protect the environment and increase your property value. Our team of expert technicians is proud to offer high-quality solutions to our neighbors far and wide, so let us extol the benefits of home solar panels today. Call us to learn more.

Home Solar Panels Will Lower Your Energy Bills

Residential Solar Panel in Ocala, FL
If you yearn for lower utility bills every month, Solar Lights & More may have a perfect solution for you. We can install solar panels or solar water heaters at your Central Florida home to decrease your energy bills substantially. Solar power systems allow you to minimize your reliance on electricity and ever-diminishing fossil fuels to illuminate your household and keep your appliances running. Fewer kilowatt-hours lead to much lower utility bills and significant cost savings throughout the year. In some instances, you may even be able to generate more energy than you use, which will allow you to run your meter backward and help your community. In addition to saving money from lower utility bills, you may qualify for federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates. Solar Lights & More will be happy to help you identify areas where you can save on our products, installation, and services.

Do Your Part to Protect the Environment with Solar Energy

Solar energy is a renewable resource that is as predictable as the sunrise. Home solar panels allow you to preserve valuable fossil fuels, reduce emissions, and protect the environment for generations to come. Constantly expanding electricity and fossil fuels when alternatives such as solar energy are available is both wasteful and damaging. Do your part to protect the environment and start or continue a trend in your neighborhood by choosing solar power systems for your Central Florida home.

Home Solar Panels Increase Your Property Value

The real estate market is competitive, so every additional accessory or perk is beneficial when it comes time to sell your home. Installing home solar panels now will immediately increase your property value and provide a positive return on investment when you decide to move. Typically, residential solar power systems increase a home’s value by 3.5%. In many cases, this figure exceeds the total installation cost.

Solar Lights & More Provides Expert Installation Services

The experts at Solar Lights & More have been installing and servicing residential solar power systems for more than 20 years. Our professional installation team is experienced at completing the job promptly and efficiently. We are happy to work with you to figure out exactly what service is right for your unique needs. Our suite of solar solutions includes:

  • Solar pool heaters – A solar pool heating system is maintenance-free, cost-effective, and can control overheating.
  • Solar electric – Powering your home with solar electricity is a long-term, reliable energy solution in Central Florida.
  • Solar tubular lights – You can enhance and control the brightness of your home while reducing energy costs by installing solar tubular lights.
  • Solar attic fans – Attic ventilation can prevent your space from overheating and limit the strain on your HVAC system, so a solar attic fan is essential for every Ocala-area home.

Contact Solar Lights & More for Residential Solar Panels

The advantages of home solar panel systems are boundless, but you will notice immediate benefits related to cost savings, environmental preservation, and return on investment. Solar Lights & More has been providing residential solar panels for homeowners in Ocala, FL and the surrounding area for almost a quarter-century. We recognize their worth now and for years to come, so we are eager to supply solar solutions for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • State Certified Solar Contractor
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  • Cost effective and Clean Energy
  • Increase Property Value
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