Comparing Gas and Solar Pool Heaters

Comparing Gas & Solar Pool Heaters

Gas & Solar Pool Heater Comparison Although Florida’s weather is famously warm all year long, you still need a pool heater if you want to go for a swim in comfortable water most of the year. Generally, without a heater the temperature of the water will not be higher than the nighttime low. Many people use solar pool heating systems in Clermont because solar energy is inexpensive and safer to use than gas.

Compared to gas heaters, solar pool heating has a low monthly cost—after installation, it is completely cost-free. Solar pool heating systems also allow you to cool the pool down in the middle of summer if the water is too hot. Also, going solar is a much more environmentally friendly option. The gas that other pool heaters run on needs to be extracted from the earth and pumped to your home via municipal gas lines. Solar pool heating panels, which are installed on your roof, are unobtrusive and when properly cared for can last for decades.