The History of Solar Energy

Solar energy in Ocala, FL

Solar energy is at the forefront of renewable energy technology around the world. While a solar panel installation may seem like an incredibly advanced choice for your household, solar energy can actually trace its history back to the 1800s. The first discovery of the power of solar energy occurred in 1839, when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel found that he was able to transform solar light into electricity. By 1954, scientists at Bell Laboratory had engineered the first solar cell. This photovoltaic cell was able to convert sunlight into electrical current, which was used to power electrical devices and more. Throughout the rest of the 20 th century, scientists developed new and efficient advances to the basic solar cell design. Today, households across the country use solar energy to power their homes and lighting systems. With the help of a company offering solar energy in The Villages, you can make the switch to solar today.

Solar Energy