Getting Ready for Pool Season with Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating By Solar Lights

If you have a swimming pool, you should consider installing a solar pool heater in Ocala . Solar pool heating uses renewable energy to heat your pool in the most energy efficient and cost-effective way possible. Here is a look at the benefits of getting ready for pool season using solar pool heating.

More Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective
Solar power is a renewable energy resource that draws power from the sun to provide you with efficient, affordable electricity, heating, cooling, and other energy services. Solar pool heaters have the lowest annual operational costs and maintenance costs of any other heating method. If you have a pool heater that operates on electricity, fuel oil, or propane gas, you will benefit from significant energy bill savings if you switch to solar pool heating. If you don’t currently have a heater for your pool, you’ll be shocked at how inexpensive it is to use a solar pool heater for your pool.

Cleanest and Quietest Form of Energy Solar Pool Heating
Solar energy is the cleanest, safest, and quietest form of energy. Electric pool heaters are noisy and cumbersome, and pool heaters that use fuel oil or propane gas create pollution that negatively affects the environment. Gas and electric pool heaters can also be unsafe if they are improperly installed or become damaged or broken. Solar pool heaters are operated by solar panels on your roof that collect the sun’s energy and transfer it to your pool water. The entire solar energy system is silent, safe, and produces no harmful emissions or pollution.

Longer Lifespan than Other Water Heating Systems
Because a solar pool heater has no moving parts and is incredibly simple and minimalistic, it has a much longer lifespan than other water heating systems. Your solar company will offer you a manufacturer’s warranty and an additional extended warranty to guarantee the lifespan of your solar pool heater. You’ll be able to enjoy your pool more often as well, as solar pool heating lets you swim in your pool 8-10 months per year.