A Step-by-Step Guide to How Your Solar Pool Heater Works

Dive Into Solar Pool Heating


Many people use solar panels in Ocala, FL to heat their homes, but you can use them to heat your pool, as well. The best part is that there isn’t even much that you’ll need to do, other than understand how exactly your solar pool heater will keep your water warm. All this entails is setting up your unit to your desired specifications, heating up the water, and making sure your sensor shuts off when necessary. If you would like some more insight, read on for a step-by-step guide to how your solar pool heater works .

Setting Your Unit Solar Pool Heater in Ocala, FL

Solar panels are all about convenience, and your solar pool heater should be no different. If you want to make sure you enjoy this convenience, you’ll need to start by setting up your solar system unit. The good news is that this is a simple process, and your solar pool heater will continue to automatically adjust to the temperature you command. Solar pool heaters have automatic control units, so you can expect your pool to be at the desired temperature whenever you feel like taking a dip, so long as you have the control unit set properly.

Heating the Water

The automatic control unit on your solar pool heater will recognize any changes in your pool water’s temperature, which is key when it comes to keeping your pool perfectly comfortable. The water that you get through your pool pump will be cold at first, but the solar collectors will spring into action before you feel the chill. Your pool solar system will use the sun’s rays to heat up your water while it comes in through the collectors, so you can enjoy a nice, comfortable swim.

Shutting Off the Sensor

You might wonder how your pool solar system will work during the nighttime. Your sensors will shut off when sunlight becomes sparse, and the system will drain the collectors of their water as well. In this way, your water will continue to stick to the temperature that you had set for your solar system rather than cooling down.