Common Misconceptions about Commercial Solar Power

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the use of commercial solar panels. Despite the evident environmental and financial benefits of commercial solar power installations, there are still various myths that often deter businesses from making the switch. In this article, we’ll discuss six of the most prevalent misconceptions about solar power.

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Solar Energy; A Reliable Power Source

One of the most popular myths about solar energy is that it’s unreliable, and available only when the sun is shining. While it’s true that solar power generation is dependent on sunlight, technology has improved considerably to mitigate this limitation. Battery storage solutions and grid-tie systems can ensure a constant electricity supply, even at night or on cloudy days. When professionally installed by commercial solar panel experts, these systems can be highly reliable and meet the demanding energy needs of most businesses.

The Efficiency of Solar Panels

The question of efficiency has long plagued discussions around solar power. Critics argue that commercial solar panels lack the efficiency to warrant their costs. However, this argument fails to consider the rapid advancements in solar technology that have improved the efficiency and lowered the price of solar installations. Today’s commercial solar panels can convert over 20% of solar energy into electricity, and that percentage is growing steadily. Furthermore, in the last 15 years, solar panel prices have fallen dramatically.

Solar Energy and Environmental Impact

A somewhat counter-intuitive argument against solar energy is that its production and installation have a negative environmental impact. While it’s true that manufacturing solar panels requires raw materials and energy, these initial costs are quickly offset. Over their 25 to 30 year lifespan, solar panels produce clean, renewable energy that significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of solar panels on commercial buildings far outweigh the environmental costs associates with their production.

It’s Better to Wait Until Solar Panel Prices Fall or Efficiencies Improve.

Many businesses hold off on investing in solar energy under the assumption that it’s better to wait for further technological advancements or price drops. Although solar technology is continually evolving, waiting for the so-called “perfect time” means missing out on immediate advantages. Government incentives and tax credits can substantially reduce the financial burden of commercial solar panel installation, making it an economically viable option even today.

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Solar Panels Will Hurt My Home’s Resale Value

While this article primarily focuses on commercial applications, the idea that solar panels can negatively affect property values is a myth that spans both residential and commercial sectors. Various studies have shown that properties equipped with solar panels often see an increase in their resale value. For businesses, commercial solar panel systems can prove to be a valuable asset that can attract environmentally conscious buyers and investors.

A Solar Power System Will Need 20 Years to Pay for Itself.

The supposed long payback period is another discouraging factor for many businesses. However, the truth is that the payback period for commercial solar panel systems is often much shorter. Factors like high electricity rates, government incentives, and low commercial solar panel maintenance costs can reduce the payback time to just a few years.


Dispelling the myths around solar panels can open the door for more businesses to embrace commercial solar panel systems as reliable, efficient, and economically viable alternatives to conventional energy sources. Not only can these systems lower operational costs, but they can also make a substantial impact in reducing a business’s carbon footprint.

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