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Solar Lights & More is proud to offer solar tubes for homeowners in Ocala, FL, and the surrounding area. We can install solar tubular skylights in any area of your home to provide soft, natural sunlight that does not contribute to heat loss or gain throughout your living spaces. As a state-certified solar contractor, our team specializes in high-quality, high-tech products that can help your home operate with better energy efficiency. Having spent nearly a quarter-century in the industry, we know what it takes to reduce your utility bills and provide sustainable, eco-friendly energy. Take advantage of the energy-efficient innovations we offer, such as natural tubular skylights. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about the products.

What are natural tubular skylights?

Natural tubular skylights are cylindrical columns that can be installed in the ceiling and roof of your Ocala home to provide natural sunlight throughout your living spaces. Solar tubes offer no direct view of the sky but can illuminate your rooms and minimize the need for lamps or overhead lights on nice days.

How do solar tubular skylights work?

Solar tubular skylights feature a low-profile, durable acrylic dome that rises out of your rooftop and captures sunlight throughout the day. The light then travels through a highly-reflective tube that acts as a continuous mirror to channel the light while preserving its intensity. At the base of the mirror-like tube is an attractive light fixture that evenly spreads the light to eliminate “hot spots.”

How much light can solar tubes provide?

Most solar tubes range in size from 10”-18” and are intense enough to have homeowners believing they left their electric lights on. The smaller solar tubes can emit the equivalent light of three 100-watt bulbs and illuminate up to 200 square feet of floor area. The larger 18” options can light up to 500 square feet.

Is my roof suitable for tube skylight installation?

The team of installation professionals at Solar Lights & More can install tube skylights for most homes in Ocala, FL and the surrounding area in fewer than two hours. Installation does not require any framing alterations, so there are not many limitations regarding the placement of solar tubes. We will evaluate your roof’s slope, the spacing of your rafters, and your roofing material to devise an installation plan that works for you.

What rooms are best for tubular skylights?

The best rooms for tubular skylights are those where constant indirect light is an advantage. Dark hallways and stairways through which people travel are prime locations. But walk-in closets, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are also ideal spaces for solar tubes. Typically, you want to avoid this constant light in bedrooms or areas that may need periodic darkness.

How do solar tubes differ from traditional skylights?

Solar tubes are easier to install, more energy-efficient, and require less interior finishing than traditional skylights. Though both provide natural sunlight, tube skylights do not contribute to heat loss or gain as a result. In addition to the energy benefits, the exterior dome on tube skylights blocks harmful UV rays, which could fade your belongings or cause skin damage if shown through your home.

Are solar tubular skylights right for my home in Ocala, FL?

If you want to brighten your living spaces without increasing your energy consumption, tubular skylights are right for your home in Ocala. They will increase the amount of natural light that your home’s interior receives and help you save money on your electricity bills. Additionally, their dimmer features can provide you with control over the brightness of your home.

What are some additional benefits of solar tubes?

Solar tubes offer lighting enhancements – such as dimmers and the ability to brighten lower floors – that traditional skylights cannot begin to match. Furthermore, their low-profile blends seamlessly into your roofline, they are watertight and maintenance-free, and there are no structural changes or wiring necessary for their installation or use.

Can tubular skylights withstand extreme weather conditions?

Solar Lights & More offers tubular skylights that are manufactured with all types of weather conditions in mind. As a result, they can withstand the wind and rain from a strong April thunderstorm as well as the hail and humidity that may be present during a Sunshine State summer.  The solar tubular skylights are hurricane tested and Florida building code approved. We are proud to offer 25-year product warranties with each solar tube for your peace of mind.

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When you want additional light in your home without increasing your electricity bill or putting a more significant strain on the environment, solar tubes are ideal. They can ultimately save you money and illuminate any room in your house. Within a matter of hours, the installation technicians at Solar Lights & More can have your tubular skylights in place. Let us provide a free solar consultation at your home in Ocala, FL to explain why solar tubes will be beneficial to you. Contact us today to learn more.


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