• Reasons to Choose Solar Lights & More

    North Central Florida is a sunny paradise, and Solar Lights & More can help you tap into the limitless free energy source that lights up our cities every day. Solar Lights & More specializes in a variety of solar energy products, including solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, solar attic fans, and solar tubular lights. Solar Lights & More has the credentials to back up their claim as being the premier solar energy company in Clermont, including membership with the Florida Solar Energy Center, Florida Solar Energy Industry Association, and the Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation. Solar Lights & More has been a Certified Energy Rater since 1997 by the Environmental Protection Agency and is a Florida State Certified Solar Contractor.

    If you think it would cost a fortune to get off the grid, think again! Contact Solar Lights & More to learn how easy it is to enjoy free solar energy and reduce your electric bill by 75 percent or more. Solar Lights & More has knowledge of state and federal incentives programs to make your solar energy upgrade affordable.