• Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Switch to Solar Electric

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    Solar Electric and Why Every Homeowner Should Make the Switch

    We are in an era of making great strides in eco-friendly solutions to home energy costs. Reducing our carbon footprint is key and we all do our best to conserve energy and make a difference to help our environment. Some might argue that it’s not just beneficial to upgrade to sustainable energy sources, it’s essential for all of us to make moves toward sustainable energy sources!

    Reasons Homeowners Make the Switch to Solar Energy

    Typically, the most significant use of energy occurs in our homes.  That also means that the most significant reduction of energy costs can occur in the same location. This means talking about how to reduce the use of energy in your home. Two words: solar power. Solar power has so many benefits. Reducing your carbon footprint could be as easy as making a quick switch to solar energy. Here are ten solid reasons to make that switch.

    1. Energy Savings
    Switching to solar power can vastly improve the state of your energy consumption and also your energy bills. We all know this is the case, but how much does it reduce your bills exactly? Well, most homeowners have said that they have reductions in their energy bills of at least $100 a month. Over the course of a year that’s over $1000 and in a few years the savings really start to add up!

    2. A Worthwhile Investment
    Although the initial cost of solar panels may be substantial, the return you get on this investment is also substantial. You will begin to see the savings accrue in a matter of months and the solar energy system you have installed will simply pay for itself and then some. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY project and you will want to go with a company that is very reputable and able to install the best solar panels on the market.

    3. Financing Options for Solar Panels
    Buying solar panels outright can be expensive. However, it is easy to find affordable options through most solar companies because they have many financing options. Some financing fits into the role of a second mortgage, while others just work out to be installment payments with very low interest rates. Some even offer 0% financing.

    4. Tax Credits and Rebates
    Something that is very appealing when it comes to having solar panels installed is the tax credit and/or government rebate incentive. Many states provide extremely large rebates, tax credits and deductions for people who have solar panels. This is a way you can save money during tax season in addition to what you are saving throughout the year with solar power.

    5. Reliable and Renewable Energy
    No matter what environmental sources you can count on, you know that one source of energy is there to stay. That is the sun. It is a truly renewable energy source that isn’t going anywhere for a long time. That is a true reduction of your carbon footprint.

    6. Safety from Power Outages
    With the use of solar energy, you have a reliable source of energy during power outages that you would not have with traditional power sources. With the installation of storage of energy (e.g. a battery system), you are able to store power and use it when there are community brownouts or electrical outages.

    7. Creating More Jobs
    Solar energy is a great way to contribute to the workforce. By investing in solar power, you are promoting the employment of many people who can find gainful employment by working for solar companies.

    8. Easy to Maintain
    A solar power system is incredibly easy to take care of. As long as the solar panels are kept clean, there is really nothing more than homeowners need to do. A manufacturer will take care of any repairs that are necessary, as they will likely be covered by a warranty. Check with your solar provider before you buy to make sure you are getting the right kind of warranty coverage.

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    9. Increase of Home Value
    The addition of solar panels to your home can increase the value and is very appealing to buyers. Even if you are planning to move soon, it may be a good idea to add solar panels to your home so that it will greatly increase in the sellers’ market. In fact, on average, homes will sell for around 4% more than homes that do not have solar power.

    10. A Hefty Environmental Impact
    The impact that solar panels have on the environment cannot be overstated. You’d have to plant 100 trees per year to make the same impact on the environment that solar panels have. Solar power also dramatically improves the issue of water pollution. Solar panels also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, they’re very helpful in preventing environmental damage.

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    Solar panels are a great choice! Cost effective, energy efficient and great for the environment, you could not ask for more when it comes to renewable energy options.

    Solar Energy is FREE! If you are in the Ocala, Florida area and looking to start saving money and saving the planet, look no further! At Solar Lights and More, we are the best of the best when it comes to high quality solar panels and sustainable, renewable energy. What better place than the Sunshine State to secure a solar panel solution for eco-friendly power? Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial solar energy, we have you covered. Isn’t it time you made the switch? Contact us today at (352) 352-9329 or visit our website for more information. We are committed to helping the environment and helping you save on energy costs to create a brighter future for us all.

  • Common Misconceptions about Commercial Solar Power

    In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the use of commercial solar panels. Despite the evident environmental and financial benefits of commercial solar power installations, there are still various myths that often deter businesses from making the switch. In this article, we’ll discuss six of the most prevalent misconceptions about solar power.

    Commercial Solar Panel Installation by Solar Lights & More

    Solar Energy; A Reliable Power Source

    One of the most popular myths about solar energy is that it’s unreliable, and available only when the sun is shining. While it’s true that solar power generation is dependent on sunlight, technology has improved considerably to mitigate this limitation. Battery storage solutions and grid-tie systems can ensure a constant electricity supply, even at night or on cloudy days. When professionally installed by commercial solar panel experts, these systems can be highly reliable and meet the demanding energy needs of most businesses.

    The Efficiency of Solar Panels

    The question of efficiency has long plagued discussions around solar power. Critics argue that commercial solar panels lack the efficiency to warrant their costs. However, this argument fails to consider the rapid advancements in solar technology that have improved the efficiency and lowered the price of solar installations. Today’s commercial solar panels can convert over 20% of solar energy into electricity, and that percentage is growing steadily. Furthermore, in the last 15 years, solar panel prices have fallen dramatically.

    Solar Energy and Environmental Impact

    A somewhat counter-intuitive argument against solar energy is that its production and installation have a negative environmental impact. While it’s true that manufacturing solar panels requires raw materials and energy, these initial costs are quickly offset. Over their 25 to 30 year lifespan, solar panels produce clean, renewable energy that significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of solar panels on commercial buildings far outweigh the environmental costs associates with their production.

    It’s Better to Wait Until Solar Panel Prices Fall or Efficiencies Improve.

    Many businesses hold off on investing in solar energy under the assumption that it’s better to wait for further technological advancements or price drops. Although solar technology is continually evolving, waiting for the so-called “perfect time” means missing out on immediate advantages. Government incentives and tax credits can substantially reduce the financial burden of commercial solar panel installation, making it an economically viable option even today.

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    Solar Panels Will Hurt My Home’s Resale Value

    While this article primarily focuses on commercial applications, the idea that solar panels can negatively affect property values is a myth that spans both residential and commercial sectors. Various studies have shown that properties equipped with solar panels often see an increase in their resale value. For businesses, commercial solar panel systems can prove to be a valuable asset that can attract environmentally conscious buyers and investors.

    A Solar Power System Will Need 20 Years to Pay for Itself.

    The supposed long payback period is another discouraging factor for many businesses. However, the truth is that the payback period for commercial solar panel systems is often much shorter. Factors like high electricity rates, government incentives, and low commercial solar panel maintenance costs can reduce the payback time to just a few years.


    Dispelling the myths around solar panels can open the door for more businesses to embrace commercial solar panel systems as reliable, efficient, and economically viable alternatives to conventional energy sources. Not only can these systems lower operational costs, but they can also make a substantial impact in reducing a business’s carbon footprint.

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    If you’re contemplating making the shift to solar energy, Solar Lights & More is your go-to solar panel company in Ocala, Florida. We have been offering cost effective, eco-friendly solutions to businesses and homeowners in Ocala, The Villages and the surrounding area for over 25 years. As a state-certified solar contractor, we specialize in high-quality, energy-efficient products from top brands like Aquatherm and Mission Solar. Our team, is dedicated to providing reliable customer service and customized solar solutions to meet your unique needs. We also have in-depth knowledge of state and federal incentives to help make your switch to solar seamless and more affordable. Choose us for a premium, brand-name home or commercial solar power system and enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy, lower utility bills, and a greener planet.

    For more information about the products and services we provide, or to schedule a complimentary solar evaluation and consultation, contact us via our website or give us a call at 352-562-4657. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Why Solar Power Is a Smart Choice for Florida Homes

    While there are many different ways to power your home, it’s always a good idea to do it in the most responsible way for yourself and the environment. When it’s available, solar power can be a great way of generating power for your home, and Florida is one of the best places for it. Solar power can help you reduce your carbon footprint, and it can be an economical choice for your household. Take a look ahead to find out why solar power might be a smart choice for your home in The Villages, FL.

    Plenty of Sunlight Solar Panels in Ocala, FL

    There’s much to love about Florida, and the sunshine is not the least of the perks. In addition to giving you your vitamin D and a base tan, Florida sunshine can also provide an excellent way to power your home. Solar panels make for a clean source of energy, and all they need to function is a sufficient amount of sunlight. If you live in Florida and get to enjoy nearly unlimited access to sunlight, then solar panels for your home may very well be a wise choice. One overcast day won’t make or break your solar panels, so you can expect to go through a relatively efficient operation.

    Good for the Environment

    We only have one planet Earth, and it’s our job to take care of it. While everyone needs power, not everyone gets their power in the most responsible way. If you want to be as environmentally responsible as you can, then you should consider looking into solar panels for your home. Solar panels will make your carbon footprint a little bit lighter, which is good for the planet as well as your sense of environmental responsibility.

    Efficient Power Source

    Efficiency is key when it comes to saving money and keeping your appliances in working shape. In order to maintain a high standard of efficiency in your house, use residential solar panels. As one of the more efficient types of power, a solar system can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills throughout the course of its life.

  • Going Green with Solar Panels

    There are several ways to reduce your carbon footprint and go green without sacrificing any comforts that you are used to. You might opt for a solar panel installation, which will likely control the lighting and electronics in your home. However, you can also use solar energy to heat your pool, provide outdoor lighting, and heat your home’s water heater. There are many ways to go green, but it is best to start with residential solar panels near The Villages and Citrus County, FL. Read on for more information about going green with solar panels and a solar system .

    Solar panels are advancing in technology every day, and they can easily sit on your roof or stand in your yard to deliver you unparalleled access to clean energy from the sun. As energy from the sun is converted and delivered to your home, you will experience reduced energy costs and the knowledge that you are making a positive impact on the environment. Instead of using dangerous, gas-powered energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and power your house with a whole home solar energy system.

    Solar Panels

  • Cutting Your Company’s Operating Costs with Solar Power

    Solar power is one of the greatest advances in energy use. It can reduce environmental impact, but it can also save homeowners and business owners significant operating costs. If you have been looking for ways to elevate your company’s profits and cut operating costs, then you will be interested in installing a solar system for various areas of your building. Continue reading to see how solar panel installation in The Villages and Leesburg, FL is the best choice for reducing costs to your business.

    Your business can take great advantage of solar panels in North Central Florida. This area receives a lot of sunlight, and your solar system will channel that energy throughout your company’s building. You can expect that lights, computers, and office fixtures will run safely and quickly on solar panel energy. You will also notice that your company’s electrical costs will go down, which will mean less overhead digging into your profits.

    Solar Power for Business

  • Go Solar and Save Money on Your Taxes

    Tax season has arrived, and many homeowners are looking for ways to save on their federal taxes. If you want to receive a fantastic deduction on your taxes next year, it is a great idea to act now and install new solar panels for your home. The federal government is encouraging home solar system installation by offering terrific tax incentives to homeowners. Your solar system contractors in The Villages, FL will be able to help you design an effective solar solution that meets the federal tax requirements.

    Along with helping you save on your taxes, there are other ways that solar panels can save you money. Installing a new solar system will effectively reduce your energy bills. In addition, by reducing your reliance on traditional electricity, solar panels can help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Overall, solar panels are a terrific investment for any family that wants to help protect the environment while saving money every month.

    Go Solar and Save Money on Your Taxes

  • Prepping for the Warm Summer Months with a Solar Attic Fan

    If you want to make sure that your solar system operates at peak efficiency throughout the summer season, you might want to consider installing a solar attic fan . Your solar attic fan will be installed directly beneath your solar panels, and this innovative device will cool down your attic while also preventing your solar panels from overheating. A company that offers solar panels in The Villages, FL can provide you with detailed information about the benefits a solar attic fan has to offer for your home. Here are three reasons to consider solar attic fan installation before the start of the summer season.

    Cool Your Attic Solar Attic Fan

    One of the top benefits of a solar attic fan is that this device will work to ensure that your home remains cool, even on the hottest summer days. When your home starts to heat up, hot air will naturally rise into your attic. When excess heat is detected, your solar attic fan will automatically turn on and start blowing hot air out of your attic space.

    Prevent Solar System Issues

    While your home’s solar panels are designed to withstand hot temperatures, excessive heat may cause them to lose efficiency. In order to prevent overheating in your solar system, it is a terrific idea to purchase a solar attic fan. When your solar attic fan blows hot air out of your attic, it will also lower the temperature of your solar panels. As a result, your panels will do a better job of producing electricity.

    Increase Air Flow

    A solar attic fan can help you keep your home from getting stuffy during the hottest days of the year. If you have started to notice that your indoor air feels stagnant, it might be time to consider scheduling solar attic fan installation to help keep air circulating through your home. Since the summer is approaching quickly, you will want to schedule this service as soon as possible.

  • Start Swim Season Early with a Solar Pool Heater

    If you and your family members are itching to get out in the pool, you may want to consider a solar pool heating system . When you choose to include a pool heater with your solar home system installation, you will be able to harness the sun’s energy to keep your pool water at a comfortable temperature. A company that offers solar panels in The Villages, FL can help you install a new solar pool heating system. To highlight the advantages of switching to solar energy, here is a look at the benefits that a solar pool heater has to offer you.

    Natural Heating Solar Pool Heater

    One of the top advantages of a solar pool heater is that this type of system heats up your pool water naturally. Your solar pool heater is equipped with a solar collector system, which absorbs heat from the rays of the sun. As pool water passes through the solar collector, it will be heated to your desired temperature. To keep your pool warm, your solar pool heater will continually pump water through its solar collection system.

    Energy Savings

    When you are shopping for a new pool heater, you will have the option of choosing either a natural gas or solar system. A solar pool heater can save you drastically on your pool heating costs each month in comparison to a gas-powered heater. Some customers report that they are able to save hundreds on their monthly bills when they make the switch to solar pool heat.

    Year Round Comfort

    While you may be concerned that your solar pool heater will not work as efficiently during the winter, you can rest assured that solar pool heaters can be used during every season of the year. Solar pool heaters are able to harness the sun’s energy, even during overcast days. If you want to get your pool up and running as early as possible this spring, be sure to look into the benefits of solar pool heat.

  • Preventing Attic Mold with Solar Fan Installation

    A solar attic fan is a fantastic addition to your home’s HVAC system . When you connect a solar fan to your home’s existing solar system, you can keep your attic dry in the winter and cool in the summer. A company that installs solar panels for homes in The Villages, FL will be able to help you pick out and install the right attic fan for your property. Once your attic fan has been set up, you can rest assured that your attic space is protected from the dangers of black mold.

    In order to prevent mold growth in your attic, your solar attic fan will run continuously throughout the damp winter months. Since this device is connected to a solar system, it will not drain electricity when it is in operation. Your sleek and quiet solar attic fan will blow fresh air throughout your attic, which will help to prevent mold spores from colonizing in out-of-the-way places. Overall, a solar attic fan can save you the trouble of having to perform mold remediation in the future.

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  • What to Consider When Choosing Your Sun Bandit Model

    When you are seeking a great way to achieve the best efficiency from your solar home system, you may want to consider installing a solar hot water heater. Solar hot water heaters use their own solar panels to generate hot water for your entire household. The Sun Bandit is among the most popular styles of solar hot water heaters that is on the market today. A solar system contractor in The Villages, FL can help you pick out the best solar hot water heater for your household.

    Before you invest in your Sun Bandit model, there are a few factors that you will want to consider. It is important to make sure that you purchase a solar water heater that is properly sized for your household. A solar water heater that is too small may run out of hot water when demands are high. You will also want to choose a model that offers easy installation and maintenance.

    Sun Bandit Model