• Understanding the Importance of Solar Attic Fans

    Attic fans are important to keep your home safe from moisture buildup, but they are even more useful when paired with solar panels near The Villages and Hernando, FL. If you have solar attic fans in your home, then you will save money on energy use and reduce the chances of developing moisture problems. Read on to see why solar attic fans are so important .

    Attic Ventilation  Solar Attic Fans

    Attic ventilation is necessary for every house in every environment, including North Central Florida. If a home has sufficient ventilation, then it can avoid a buildup of moisture that might cause significant damage to the attic, roof, and the many components of the house. Attic ventilation will also prevent wasted hot or cold air escaping into the attic from your heating and cooling systems. In addition to attic vents, which allow air out of the house, attic fans help control and push out the damaging air or moisture.

    Solar Energy

    Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing systems to have a serious impact on a home’s energy use. When you choose solar systems—to power your entire electrical system, pool heater, and home appliances—you can significantly reduce your impact on the environment and cut your energy costs. Homes that use gas-powered energy or city-sourced electricity contribute to various emissions and factory standards that are dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment. If you choose a solar panel system, however, then you can take energy directly from the sun and use it to power your home, attic fans, and heating and cooling appliances.

    Reduced Cost

    Installing solar attic fans into your home is important for several reasons, such as reducing your energy and house maintenance costs. If you do not have an attic fan, then your attic, stored items, and roof may grow mold, mildew, and other moisture-related problems. You will also spend more money in lost hot or cold air. When you install solar panels and attic fans in your home, you will experience reduced costs in energy and far fewer costs for future attic maintenance.

  • What to Consider When Choosing Your Sun Bandit Model

    When you are seeking a great way to achieve the best efficiency from your solar home system, you may want to consider installing a solar hot water heater. Solar hot water heaters use their own solar panels to generate hot water for your entire household. The Sun Bandit is among the most popular styles of solar hot water heaters that is on the market today. A solar system contractor in The Villages, FL can help you pick out the best solar hot water heater for your household.

    Before you invest in your Sun Bandit model, there are a few factors that you will want to consider. It is important to make sure that you purchase a solar water heater that is properly sized for your household. A solar water heater that is too small may run out of hot water when demands are high. You will also want to choose a model that offers easy installation and maintenance.

    Sun Bandit Model

  • Comparing Traditional and Solar Tubular Skylights

    There isn’t just 1 type of home solar energy system in the Villages, FL, and there are constantly new products and variations being added to the market. Traditional and solar tubular skylights are 2 very different lighting options, but they can also offer some of the same advantages. If you want to make the right choice for your home or business, however, it helps to learn a little bit about the advantages and disadvantages that come with each. Keep reading if you’re interested in comparing traditional and solar tubular skylights.

    While both can be excellent choices for the home or workplace, traditional and solar tubular skylights can benefit you in different ways. Traditional skylights are large, typically rectangular, and they simply allow light to come into your space through your roof. This option can be great for ventilation and even offer a nice view. Solar tubular skylights, on the other hand, can do a better job of harnessing sunlight and spreading it evenly in your space. They can also offer natural lighting on lower floors of a building, which traditional skylights cannot. Keep in mind that both of these lighting options can help you save money on your energy bills.

    Solar Tubular Skylights

  • Reduce Your Business’s Operational Costs by Going Solar

    If you are looking to free up some breathing room in your business’s budget, a solar system in Ocala, FL might be the kind of solution to consider. Commercial solar systems can help you cut down your costs without sacrificing the efficiency of your operation, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can use solar lighting, solar powered hot water heaters, and even solar electricity to save some money and use your funds to advance your business. Read on and see how you can reduce your business’s operational costs by going solar.

    Lights Reduce Your Business's Operational Costs

    Natural sunlight and the vitamin D that comes with it can lighten up your mood, but your standard office windows might not let much in. If you are looking for an efficient way to bring more sunlight into the office, solar lights may help. There are different types of solar systems, and there are different ways you can use solar lighting as well. Some choose a traditional skylight that passively lets sunlight come in through a window in the ceiling. Others choose solar tubular lights, which can be more efficient when it comes to balanced dispersion of light. No matter what kind you choose, you can look forward to significant energy savings.

    Water Heaters

    Although you might not be showering or washing dishes in the office, having a hot water heater is still crucial. If you want to heat your water in the most efficient and affordable way possible, talk to your solar system professional about solar hot water heaters. Like solar lighting, solar water heaters will work wonders for your energy bills. The energy that powers your hot water heater will be free and clean so you can take care of your finances and the environment at the same time.


    In addition to giving you the opportunity to power your office with sunlight and enjoy substantial savings, the right solar system can actually make your business more valuable. In some states, you will also receive tax benefits from using solar electricity. Talk to your professional and choose the best solar system for your commercial needs.

  • The Benefits of Switching to Solar Electric Power

    Solar electric power—which can run your HVAC system, electricity, and hot water heater in The Villages, FL—has been a popular switch from conventional electricity in homes across North Central Florida. There are many benefits that come with a switch to solar power , such as increased savings and energy independence. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you can have by switching to solar power.

    Save on Utility Bills  Solar Electric Power

    One of the main benefits of switching to solar power are the increased savings. By using solar electric power, you can reduce all of your utility bills. Your hot water heater, HVAC system, and electricity can all run on solar power, meaning you will see a reduction in your gas and electric bills. Within five years or more, all of your savings will have paid off your solar power investment, and you can continue to save even more money as the years go on.

    Earn Incentives

    You can gain several incentives by switching to solar power. You can earn the Federal Solar Tax Credit as well as state, city, and county rebates. All of these incentives contribute to your overall savings, which puts more money in your pockets.

    Save the Environment

    Though increased savings and incentives are great benefits of solar power, you can also rest assured that you are contributing to the well-being of the environment. Carbon emissions in the United States and around the world have reached high levels and continue to rise. By switching to solar power, you can cut down on your home’s emissions and help contribute to saving the environment.

    Shape Energy Independence

    The United States depends on diminishing resources such as oil and coal, whether from her own lands or overseas. By switching your property to solar power, you can help shape the future of energy independence. With increased solar power in your house, through your hot water heater and electricity, you can contribute to the growing trend toward solar power and energy independence.

  • Increasing Your Property Value with a Solar Energy System

    You, and homeowners like you, are likely concerned with the environmental implications and financial drawbacks that come with traditional energy systems. You can calm these concerns by switching to a solar energy system in The Villages, FL . Solar power and other forms of alternative energy use have gained in popularity over the last couple decades, making them more accessible to everyone. You can take advantage of the many benefits that come with solar energy, and you can increase your property value at the same time. Continue reading to see how your property’s value will increase with a solar energy system.

    The government—including state and city governments—offer several incentives and rebates when you use a solar energy system. This can increase your property value and entice future homebuyers to choose your home over others without solar power. Installing solar power can also save significant money on utility bills, which is another attractive benefit and property increaser. One of the other ways solar power increases value is by use of the latest technologies. Solar powered appliances and systems must utilize advanced technology to achieve maximum results, which equals to increased property value and greater savings.

    Property Value