• The Benefits of Switching to Solar Electric Power

    Solar electric power—which can run your HVAC system, electricity, and hot water heater in The Villages, FL—has been a popular switch from conventional electricity in homes across North Central Florida. There are many benefits that come with a switch to solar power , such as increased savings and energy independence. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you can have by switching to solar power.

    Save on Utility Bills  Solar Electric Power

    One of the main benefits of switching to solar power are the increased savings. By using solar electric power, you can reduce all of your utility bills. Your hot water heater, HVAC system, and electricity can all run on solar power, meaning you will see a reduction in your gas and electric bills. Within five years or more, all of your savings will have paid off your solar power investment, and you can continue to save even more money as the years go on.

    Earn Incentives

    You can gain several incentives by switching to solar power. You can earn the Federal Solar Tax Credit as well as state, city, and county rebates. All of these incentives contribute to your overall savings, which puts more money in your pockets.

    Save the Environment

    Though increased savings and incentives are great benefits of solar power, you can also rest assured that you are contributing to the well-being of the environment. Carbon emissions in the United States and around the world have reached high levels and continue to rise. By switching to solar power, you can cut down on your home’s emissions and help contribute to saving the environment.

    Shape Energy Independence

    The United States depends on diminishing resources such as oil and coal, whether from her own lands or overseas. By switching your property to solar power, you can help shape the future of energy independence. With increased solar power in your house, through your hot water heater and electricity, you can contribute to the growing trend toward solar power and energy independence.

  • Customizing Your Solar Tubular Skylights

    A simple way to achieve bright and natural light in your house—without the energy drawbacks of using conventional electricity—is to install solar tubular skylights. With solar tubular skylights in your Clermont, FL home, you can enjoy the natural light of the sun without any ultraviolet damage or solar heat. You can also customize the light in your home with a remote-controlled dimmer. Continue reading to learn how you can customize your solar tubular skylights .

    Once your solar tubular skylights are installed, you can experience bright, natural light all day throughout your house. Due to the reflective technology used in the tubes, sunlight can pour into your house no matter where the sun is in the sky. With this constant stream of light, though, it is necessary to customize your skylights with a remote-controlled dimmer. If your skylights are installed in a media room or bedrooms, then you may wish to exercise control of the light availability at certain times of the day. With a dimmer, you can darken or brighten the light exactly how you want it, any time during the day.

    Solar Tubular Skylights

  • Increasing Your Property Value with a Solar Energy System

    You, and homeowners like you, are likely concerned with the environmental implications and financial drawbacks that come with traditional energy systems. You can calm these concerns by switching to a solar energy system in The Villages, FL . Solar power and other forms of alternative energy use have gained in popularity over the last couple decades, making them more accessible to everyone. You can take advantage of the many benefits that come with solar energy, and you can increase your property value at the same time. Continue reading to see how your property’s value will increase with a solar energy system.

    The government—including state and city governments—offer several incentives and rebates when you use a solar energy system. This can increase your property value and entice future homebuyers to choose your home over others without solar power. Installing solar power can also save significant money on utility bills, which is another attractive benefit and property increaser. One of the other ways solar power increases value is by use of the latest technologies. Solar powered appliances and systems must utilize advanced technology to achieve maximum results, which equals to increased property value and greater savings.

    Property Value

  • How Sun Bandit is Redefining Solar Water Heating

    There are many types of solar hot water systems used near The Villages, FL . However, none can surpass Sun Bandit, a solar company that is redefining solar water heating for homeowners everywhere. Sun Bandit utilizes the most updated and efficient solar technology and uses it in a simple, self-contained unit. Let’s see how Sun Bandit is redefining solar water heating for homeowners and homes in North Central Florida.

    It uses photovoltaic technology Sun Bandit

    Other solar hot water heaters use a solar thermal system that includes tube collectors, fluid lines, and mechanical systems. These solar systems use liquids or gases to transmit the sun’s heat through other systems to eventually reach a hot water heater. These types of systems have many more moving parts that are all at risk of needing complex repairs and costly replacements. Sun Bandit’s solar hot water heaters use a photovoltaic power source, which takes sunlight and converts it directly into electricity. By using photovoltaic solar power, Sun Bandit can cut down on various system repairs that can end up costing the consumers much more in the end.

    It uses a self-contained unit

    Sun Bandit uses photovoltaic solar power to create a simple and self-contained unit that can be used in any house. This hot water heating system does not require a grid connection, machinery, tubes, or any other breakable technology that can damage the unit. By using photovoltaic technology, Sun Bandit has created a self-contained unit that will not require vast amounts of installation or large areas of space for all of its technology. It is a simple and easy-to-use unit for every house to benefit from.

    It uses cost-effective technology

    Since Sun Bandit uses a minimal amount of technology to deliver the maximum amount of results, homeowners can experience greater savings in energy use, repairs, maintenance, and installation. This cost-effective technology enables Sun Bandit units to remain at affordable prices so every homeowner can experience energy independence with solar power.