• Why You Should Have a Solar Attic Fan

    Even though you add insulation for warmth, it’s important to allow cold air to enter the attic through vents. This combination of warm and cool air is key to a durable and energy-efficient home. In the summertime, attic fans can move super-heated air out of the attic, which will in turn cool down the rest of the home and reduce your overall cooling costs. If you want to cool your roof, reduce the load on your air conditioner, and extend the life of your roofing material, the best way is with an attic fan—in particular a solar attic fan . Powered by free solar energy, solar attic fans have zero operating costs. Here are a few reasons to contact a solar energy company in the Clermont area about solar attic fans for your home.

    Reduce Your Cooling Costs

    Attic fans cool hot attics by drawing in cooler air and pushing hot air out. Attic temperatures can exceed 160 degrees during hot summer days in sunny North Central Florida. Proper attic ventilation can reduce those temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. This will have a noticeable impact on the temperature inside your home as well, which can reduce the load on your HVAC system save you money on your electric costs.

    Eliminate Mold and Mildew

    Even with the use of vapor barriers, excess moisture can enter the attic through air leaks around ceiling light fixtures and bathroom exhaust fans. Moisture condensing on the inside of the roof deck can lead to mold and mildew growth, which in turn can have a negative impact on your overall health and comfort indoors. A solar attic fan will remove excess moisture to keep your attic dry, which will eliminate mold and keep your home’s attic “healthy.”

    Extend Roof Life

    Why You Should Have a Solar Attic Fan Another benefit of reducing attic temperature and removing excess moisture is that it can extend the life of your roof. Excessive heat and moisture often result in significant damage to shingles, flashing, and the overall roof structure—reducing their normal life expectancy. In some cases, proper ventilation is needed to validate the shingle manufacturer’s warranty. Contact a solar energy company near The Villages to get an estimate for a solar attic fan for your home.

  • Reasons to Choose Solar Lights & More

    North Central Florida is a sunny paradise, and Solar Lights & More can help you tap into the limitless free energy source that lights up our cities every day. Solar Lights & More specializes in a variety of solar energy products, including solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, solar attic fans, and solar tubular lights. Solar Lights & More has the credentials to back up their claim as being the premier solar energy company in Clermont, including membership with the Florida Solar Energy Center, Florida Solar Energy Industry Association, and the Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation. Solar Lights & More has been a Certified Energy Rater since 1997 by the Environmental Protection Agency and is a Florida State Certified Solar Contractor.

    If you think it would cost a fortune to get off the grid, think again! Contact Solar Lights & More to learn how easy it is to enjoy free solar energy and reduce your electric bill by 75 percent or more. Solar Lights & More has knowledge of state and federal incentives programs to make your solar energy upgrade affordable.

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Pool Heating [INFOGRAPHIC]

    There’s nothing quite like having your very own pool in your backyard. Pools are perfect for cooling off on hot days, relaxing with your family, and entertaining guests when you have an outdoor barbecue. You shouldn’t have to stop enjoying your pool just because it’s not the height of summer. Solar pool heating near Gainesville lets you take a dip even when the temperatures outside do the same. A solar pool heater is non-polluting and can last as long as 20 years, making it a wise investment for your home. Free solar energy heats your pool’s cool water and pumps it back in so you have comfortable, warm water at all times. Check out this infographic to learn more about solar pool heating and why it makes sense. Please share it with your friends, family, and neighbors!

    The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Pool Heating [INFOGRAPHIC]