• Go Solar and Save Money

    A solar pool heater in Clermont , Hernando, or any other North Central Florida area can help you achieve maximum levels of relaxation in your pool. However, this is not the only benefit that your solar pool heating system can bring about. Keep reading to find out how you can save money when you decide to go solar.

    Go Solar and Save Money | Claremont, FL Harnessing the power of solar energy with your solar attic fan or solar tubular skylights is an excellent alternative to the use of nonrenewable resources. Using solar power can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment. In addition to benefiting the environment, solar energy can save you a substantial amount of money; the longer you use this type of energy, the more money you will save. Solar energy first saves you money by reducing your energy bills; since the sun supplies your solar panels with free energy, you will not be forced to pay for significant heating costs. In addition to being efficient, solar tubular skylights and solar attic fans also come with long term warranties , tax credits, and other monetary incentives.

  • Solar Water Heating for Your Home

    Solar energy in Clermont and the rest of the North Central Florida region has displayed numerous benefits. Solar energy is not only useful for human consumers in a wide array of applications, but it is also beneficial for the environment. Keep reading if you would like to learn about a few of the benefits of solar water heating for your home.

    Environmental Impact
    Residential water heating can require a substantial amount of resources; every time you take a shower, run your dishwasher, or wash your clothing you are relying on your hot water heater. If you live with a significant other or a family, this expenditure of resources may be significantly amplified. Both you and the environment pay for these resources when your heating system is powered by gas or electricity, and the toll it takes on the environment may be more permanent. Fortunately, solar water heaters can help to reduce your carbon footprint by a significant margin. According to ENERGY STAR, these types of solar powered appliances may reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50 per cent. If you already recycle and ride your bicycle to work, using solar energy in this manner can be yet another way to go green.

    Solar Water Heating for Your Home | Northern Central Florida Financial Savings
    Using solar power to heat your water at home can save you money in addition to protecting the environment. As is the case with solar attic fans and solar tubular skylights, the solar energy that powers your hot water heater is free of charge. People often choose to pair their solar heaters with backup gas or electric heaters; the former pairing can save you a few thousand dollars over the lifespan of the appliance, and the latter can save you even more. This can be especially appealing to large families that tend to use a great deal of energy.

    While other kinds of water heaters may need repairs or replacements relatively frequently, solar water heaters tend to last for two decades or longer. This means that you can enjoy the stability of your water-heating appliance for years to come.