• Choosing Solar Tubes for Easy Skylight Installation

    When you work with a solar water heating company to install a new solar hot water system in your home near Ocala, FL, you may want to inquire about your solar skylight installation options . Like solar hot water systems, solar tubes harness the power of the sun for your benefit at home. A company that specializes in solar systems will be able to plan the ideal solar tube installation for your property. Unlike conventional skylights, which must be carefully engineered, solar tubes can be quickly and easily placed.


    There are many benefits to choosing solar tubes for an easy skylight installation. In order to install the solar tubes, your technician will simply have to create a rounded hole through your roof and ceiling materials. Once your solar tubes have been installed, they will illuminate your home with a natural white light considerably brighter than a standard incandescent bulb. With their easy installation and terrific illumination, solar tubes are a terrific choice for your skylight installation.

  • Spotlight on PV Systems

    When you install a solar water heater in your home, your technician may talk to you about PV systems and solar thermal systems. In order to achieve the best benefits from your solar water heater in The Villages, FL, you will want to gather information about the differences between PV and solar thermal systems. While solar thermal systems use the heat of the sun to directly heat up water in a hot water tank, PV units are primarily used to capture solar rays and convert them to energy.

    PV Systems in The Villages, FL

    Depending on the design of your solar water heater, your technician may recommend that you install a PV system on your roof. A PV system is comprised of discrete solar panels that are mounted directly to the roof’s surface. As the solar panels collect energy from the sun, they send these currents to an electric grid. The grid will send electric currents to your solar water heater, and any other appliance that is being powered by solar energy.

  • Answering Common Questions About Solar Water Heaters

     Common Questions Shopping for a water heater is a significant decision for any homeowner. As you are choosing a new water heater for your house, you may want to consider the advantages of switching over to a solar unit. Solar hot water systems are a revolutionary new addition to the water heater market. With solar hot water, you can receive limitless hot water, while also dramatically reducing your energy bills. A company offering solar water heating near Ocala, FL can provide you with all of the information that you need for your solar water heater installation. Read on for a look at answers to some common questions about solar water heaters.

    How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?

    The first question that you may have about solar water heating is about how these units work to provide hot water for your home. Unlike conventional water heaters, which must be connected to a natural gas or electrical system, solar water heaters are attached to photovoltaic panels that are located on the home’s roof. The photovoltaic panels collect solar energy, which is used to heat up the water that is stored in the tank.

    Will a Solar Water Heater Work for My Home?

    As you are shopping for solar water heaters, you may have questions about whether these units are suitable for the needs of your household. In fact, solar water heaters have the same hot water storage capacities as conventional units. To ensure that your solar water heater is large enough for your family, you may want to choose a tank that is 80 gallons or larger.

    How Much Energy Will My Solar Water Heater Save?

    After you install a solar water heater on your property, you can expect to notice a difference in your energy bills right away. A solar water heater is up to 85 percent more efficient than a conventional water heating unit. In the first year alone, households can save up to $600 or more after making the switch to a solar water heater.

  • A Look at the Benefits of Choosing Sun Bandit®

    When you are planning on a new hot water installation for your home, you may want to explore some of the energy-saving units that are available for your property. The Sun Bandit ® line of water heaters rely on solar water heating to provide consistent hot water for both residential and commercial properties. If you are seeking energy independence for your home, you may want to explore the fantastic advantages that solar hot water systems have to offer your home near The Villages, FL. Here is an overview of the top three benefits of choosing a Sun Bandit® water heating system.

    Sun Bandit

    Versatile Sizing

    When you are shopping for a new Sun Bandit® water heater, you will find that you have a range of versatile sizes to choose from. These state-of-the-art water heating systems come in sizes that range from 30 gallons to 119 gallons. 30 gallon water heaters are ideally sized for one bedroom apartments and other smaller spaces. If you live in a large, multi-level home, you may find that a 119 gallon heating unit is the best bet for your hot water demands.

    Easy Installation

    A company that sells Sun Bandit® water heaters in your local area will be able to perform your installation quickly and easily. When you purchase a new solar water heater, you will receive a complete solar energy kit that includes a micro-grid inverter, PV modules, and a mounting system for your roof. Your technician will be able to easily install and set up your entire solar water heating system in a single appointment.

    Energy Independence

    One of the top benefits of a Sun Bandit® water heater is that this water heating system will provide your home with energy independence. Rather than relying on natural gas or electricity to heat the water for your home, you will be able to harness the free and unlimited energy from the sun. Solar water heating helps conserve the earth’s resources, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the home.