• Understanding the Popularity of Solar Electric Power

    It is becoming increasingly popular to install solar power systems in The Villages to provide solar light, electricity, and hot water to homes. Solar panels for your home utilize alternative energy that can power solar lights, solar hot water systems, solar pool heaters, and solar fans. A solar power system can make your home more energy-efficient and can significantly decrease your heating and cooling costs. Solar Electric Power

    Solar panels require little maintenance once they are installed in your home. Your solar panels are designed to be durable and weather-resistant. Solar power also offers energy security and energy reliability. You can always guarantee that you will have solar energy, regardless of whether your electrical grid is operating. You will also never have to worry that a company will turn solar energy into a monopoly.

    Solar Electric Power
    Solar power systems create clean energy that does not contribute to global warming. Solar panel installation combats greenhouse gas emissions, and decreases the world’s dependence upon fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is a renewable resource that cannot be depleted.

  • Debunking Myths About Solar Power

    As you start learning more about solar panel installation near The Villages or North Central Florida , you might come across a number of myths about solar power. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about alternative energy systems and solar panels for homes. Here is a look at some common myths about solar power that have been debunked.

    Myth: Solar Panels Don’t Work in Cloudy or Foggy Regions Solar Power
    Many people believe that if they live in a region that is often cloudy or foggy, there isn’t any benefit to a solar panel installation. In fact, solar panels still work very efficiently in overcast areas, and can produce a significant amount of solar energy. Solar panels for homes in foggy or cloudy regions only produce 1% less solar energy than solar power systems in hot, sunny regions. Solar power systems are also much more efficient in cooler temperatures.

    Myth: Solar Power Systems Require a Lot of Maintenance
    One of the biggest myths about solar panel installation is that solar panels require a lot of maintenance. Solar panels have no moving parts, and thus do not require regular care or maintenance. Once you undergo solar panel installation, you won’t need to repair or replace solar panels for a very long time. At most, you will simply need to hose off the solar panels every year to remove dust or dirt. Many modern solar power systems are equipped with sensors and monitoring software that notify you of any drops in solar energy or efficiency. Solar energy drops are typically due to a large piece of debris blocking the solar panels.

    Myth: Solar Panel Installation Will Damage Your Roof
    Solar panel installation will not cause any damage to your home’s roof. In fact, solar panels can even protect the portions of your roof that they cover. In general, solar panels are not attached to the actual roof, but are instead mounted to a railing on top of the roof. The solar panels can be removed if your roof needs to be repaired.

  • Highlighting the Key Features of Solar Tubular Lights

    If you’re interested in increasing the amount of natural light in your home, you should consider installing solar tubes in Clermont, Hernando, or North Central Florida . Solar tube skylights create a natural, ambient light without requiring you to cut a skylight in your ceiling. They’re a perfect compromise for anyone who is unable or unwilling to make permanent architectural modifications to their home.

    Unlike traditional skylights, solar tube skylights do not contribute to heat gain or loss. By installing solar tubular skylights on your home, you can take advantage of free solar energy to provide beautiful, all natural light in dark rooms. Using alternative energy from the sun offers you incredible energy savings, and your electric bills can decrease significantly by using a solar power system. Solar tube skylights require virtually no maintenance, and are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

    Solar tube skylights block out the harmful UV rays of the sun, and provide superior light output. This means that they can brighten even the lower levels of your home. You can also install solar lights for nighttime use, and dimmer switches that allow you to control light output.

    Solar Tubular Lights