• Boosting Your Home Value with Solar Power

    According to research done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, your home’s value will increase by $20.00 for every $1.00 in energy bill savings due to a solar power system serving The Villages . If you choose to invest in solar panel installation in an area that doesn’t have many houses that operate on solar energy, your home’s value may increase even more. Larger homes that use a solar power system will generally see a bigger boost to their property values than smaller homes.

    While the increase will vary from home to home, on average, homeowner’s have benefited from an increase in resale value of $5,911 for every kilowatt of solar panel installation. As the cost of electricity and gas increases, the advantages of using renewable energy sources will rise proportionally.

    Solar panel installation can also help your home sell faster than it would otherwise. Homes with solar panels typically sell 20% faster than homes that don’t have a solar power system. Overall, investing in solar energy for your home can yield a 200% return, and you will begin enjoying the benefits of those returns on the first day of your solar panel installation.

    Boosting Your Home Value with Solar Power

  • A Look at Solar Pool Heaters

    One of the benefits of living in Clermont, The Villages, or any of the surrounding cities in Central Florida is the remarkable number of warm, sunny days each year. This means the swimming season in Central Florida can be remarkably longer than in other parts of the country when you extend your swimming season with a solar pool heater. An affordable alternative to gas or electric pool heating system, solar pool heaters eliminate pool heating costs by harnessing the free heat and energy from the sun. Solar pool heaters can also help control overheating of pool water in the summer months.

    If you want to triple your swimming season while significantly reducing your pool ownership and operation costs, get in touch with a residential solar energy company in Clermont to learn more about the benefits of solar pool heating. A solar company will design and install a custom solar pool heating system to meet the unique water heating needs of your pool.

    Solar Pool Heaters

  • The Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Energy

    If you live in North Central Florida, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s one of the sunniest places in the country. And while this is great for your tan, it also means your home is in one of the best places to take advantage of a solar power system . These systems derive clean, pure energy directly from the sun, which means you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on utilities such as electricity and gas. There are also a number of environmental benefits that make solar energy in Clermont, Leesburg, and the surrounding areas an attractive option for homeowners in North Central Florida:

    • A single residential solar power system will offset approximately 178 tons of carbon dioxide over a 30 year span, which is equivalent to the amount of fuel it would to drive 390,000 miles—or around the equator 15 times
    • Over the same period of time, a home solar system will conserve as much water used in electricity production to fill approximately seven Olympic-sized swimming pools
    • Coal and natural gas production emit many greenhouse gases unlike home solar, which means your switch to solar can have a big impact on the world we leave for future generations

    Solar Energy

  • Spotlight on Solar Cell Technology

    Solar energy is a revolutionary way to meet your home’s energy requirements. When you install solar tubular skylights or solar pool heating panels, these amazing devices rely on a series of sophisticated parts to channel the power in the sun’s rays. Solar cell technology is at the heart of any solar energy system. Solar panels contain tiny devices, known as photovoltaic cells, which are able to transform sunlight into usable electricity. When sunlight hits a photovoltaic cell, its semiconductors absorb energy and deliver it to your solar electric system. Since photovoltaic cells create their own electric field, they will encourage solar energy to naturally flow through the cell and into the electric grid. This process creates enough energy to power lighting, water heaters, and a variety of other home appliances. A company offering solar panels in Ocala can provide you with more information about the amazing processes at work in a solar power system.

    Solar Cell Technology