Solar Electricity Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Solar Electricity? Trust Solar Lights & More

Solar power has been growing in popularity since the mid-90s and as the technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, homes all across North Central Florida are making the switch. Many residents see the switch as a means to help stop global warming and give back to the environment. Others have made the switch to solar electricity to help save money year after year on their energy bills. Whatever the reason might be for you making the switch, there are probably some questions you have about getting your home ready, how much it will cost to get started, or the maintenance involved to keep it running smoothly. Solar Lights & More is the solar company to help get you the answers needed when transitioning your Florida home over to solar electricity.

What is Solar Electricity?

Solar electricity is the conversion of sunlight’s ultraviolet rays into an electric current. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and are usually attached to your roof or installed in your yard, and work to convert the sun’s energy for your benefit. It is best to have them in an open space to absorb the most amount of sunlight. As it’s gathered, the semiconductors go to work, creating energy for your home. Solar energy is readily-abundant and the most renewable energy source on the planet.

How Does Solar Electricity Save Me Money?

Once you have installed your solar panels for your home or business, they will instantly begin saving you money on your electric bill. They use the most advanced technology to collect sunlight, turning it into energy you can use during the day. The utility uses a bi-directional meter, so you get credit for all the solar energy you produce. This means you won’t have to rely on the city’s power grid to turn on lights, heat food in a microwave, run your air conditioner, or charge your phone. You will save up to 100% on your energy bills since you have a personal source of power. While it may seem like a significant cost upfront, you will start to see the savings after the first month’s bill. There are also renewable energy incentives to consider, which help defray the cost of installation but expire soon.

How Much Does It Cost to Transition to Solar?

The cost of your solar will all depend on the number of solar panels needed to power your home or office fully. The experts at Solar Lights & More can help you assess the size of your space to determine how many panels you will need. The cost also relies on how much energy you use. Once we gather this information, our team will better understand which size system you need for your space. Each system puts out different levels of energy so your cost could be much lower than expected depending on the above factors.

Is There a Lot of Maintenance Involved with Solar Panel Upkeep?

There is very little maintenance or upkeep required after installing your new solar panels. These devices were built to last and only require cleaning once to twice a year. You may also periodically need to remove debris from them if you suffer through windy storms. Don’t worry about your solar panels, though. They’re sturdy enough to survive most central Florida storms. The cells that collect sunlight to create your solar electricity may be delicate, but Solar Lights & More secure them in a glass case with a durable frame.

How Do I Prepare My Home for Solar Electricity?

Once you have made the smart decision to switch to solar electricity, you need to prepare your home for the installation. Your system should keep producing solar electricity for 40 to 50 years with minimal maintenance, repairs, or part replacements. That being said, it can be expensive to uninstall and reinstall them, so if you notice that your roof is going to need replacing within the next year, you may want to consider replacing the roofing before purchasing solar panels.

Does Solar Electricity Still Work in a Blackout?

Your solar panels will turn off if your house or community is affected by a blackout due to storm or electrical surge. If they were to stay on during the outage, they could cause harm to utility repair people when attempting to bring back power for the neighborhood. There are backup power systems and batteries that you can purchase to use your solar power while the work is being completed to bring back power.

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