Understanding How Solar Water Heaters Work

Install a Solar Hot Water System from Solar Lights & More

Solar energy can be used to power a variety of appliances throughout your home. From solar lights to solar pool heating, there are many ways that you can harness the power of the sun to meet your home’s energy needs. Solar water heaters are among the appliances that you may want to consider when you are making the switch to solar. With solar water heating , you can reduce your monthly energy bills while also improving the environmental impact of your home. A company specializing in solar panels in Ocala can help you install the right solar water heater for your household. Read on to learn more about how solar water heaters work.

Collection Solar Water Heater
Water collection is one of the primary principles at work in a solar water heater . When you install a solar water heater in your home, a collection system will be placed on your roof. Solar water heaters are available with a variety of collection systems, including batch collectors, flat-plate collectors, and evacuated tube collectors. Once cool water enters the collector, it is heated with insulated tubes. These tubes harness the energy of the sun, and transfer this energy into your home’s water supply. A single collector will create enough water for the daily needs of your household.

Circulation is another key principle behind a solar water heater. Once the collector heats the water, it is then circulated to a tank, where it is stored for your daily use. There are several types of circulation systems, including direct systems, indirect systems, and active systems. Homeowners who live in colder climates will need to choose circulation systems that offer protection against freezing temperatures. With freeze protection, your circulation system will prevent the water from cooling down as it travels from the collection area to the storage tank. Your solar water heater installation professional will help you determine the best system for your home.