Tips for Planning a Solar Power Installation

Go Solar and Save Money on Your Taxes

Before your solar power installers arrive, you need to prep your house and the location of the installation. Solar power panels in The Villages, FL need full sun if they are going to work efficiently and deliver the necessary amount of energy you need to run your household. Discuss the location of your solar panels with your solar installers, and then get to work on preparing the area.

  • Clear the proposed location of all debris. If the solar panels will be located in your yard, then trim all trees or bushes that might interfere with the panels’ accessibility to the sun throughout the day.
  • Repair or replace your roof, if you need to. Solar panels will typically be installed on the roof, because this allows the best access to constant sunlight. If your roof is in disrepair or should be replaced, the panels will not function correctly, and they could even become a hazard.
  • Make a clear path for installers to work. Clear your driveway and the surrounding property of any appliances, woodpiles, or debris that might prohibit a ladder from reaching the roof. This will ensure a quick installation with minimal interruptions.

Solar Panel Installation