Comparing Sun Bandit® to Traditional Solar Water Heating Systems

Shining a Light on Sun Bandit [Infographic]

Choosing solar to power your home is a smart way to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your utility costs. If you have decided that installing a solar water heater is the right decision for your household, then you may be wondering which system to select. Continue reading to learn how installing a Sun Bandit® solar water heater in The Villages, FL can provide you with advantages over traditional solar hot water systems.

Sun Bandit

Unlike some systems, a solar water heater from Sun Bandit® uses no pumps, line sets, pipes, chemicals, transfer fluids, or heat exchangers. These systems run silently and do not release heat or cold into the surrounding environment. Also, a Sun Bandit® solar water heater works efficiently in extreme temperatures, meaning that you can rely on your solar water heater despite extreme cold or intense heat. For these reasons, Sun Bandit® is the superior choice when it comes to solar water heating systems.