The Advantage of Solar Tubular Sky Lights

Solar tubular skylights

If there’s one thing we have an abundance of in North Central Florida, it’s sunlight. This free energy source can provide you with all the power you need to run your home. The sun can also illuminate your home with warm, attractive sunlight. For about the cost of a nice light fixture, you can have a solar tubular light installed to bring the soft natural light of the sun into virtually any space of your home. Read on to learn more about the advantages of solar tubular skylights, and then call a solar tube lighting company in Clermont to get an estimate today.

Cheaper than a Skylight

Skylights can cost more than $2,000 apiece. Solar tubular skylights, also known as light tubes, can cost half as much, including professional installation. Not only is the equipment affordable, but unlike skylights, a light tube doesn’t require new drywall, paint, and alterations to framing members. This means the installation can be in about half the time, too.

Powerful Illumination

So tubular skylights are more affordable than skylights, but how about the performance? A 10-inch tube, the smallest option, is the equivalent of three 100-watt bulbs, enough to illuminate up to 200 square feet of floor area in your home. A 13-inch solar tube can brighten as much as 300 square feet. An 18-inch solar tube can brighten as much as 500 square feet. The powerful illumination of solar tubular light is excellent in any areas where constant indirect light is handy (at least during the day), including hallways, stairways, walk-in closets, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Quick and Easy Installation

Contact a solar lighting company in North Central Florida and you may be able to start enjoying your new solar tubular lights the very same day. That’s because solar tubes don’t require any structural changes and no wiring is required. Even the addition of accessories like dimmers and vent kits don’t take very long.