Understanding the Importance of Attic Fans

Importance Of Solar Attic Fans

Although it may seem odd to purposely allow air into the attic after going through the trouble of adding insulation and sealing off your home, proper ventilation is actually one of the most important elements of an energy-efficient home. During the warmer months, natural air flow in a well-ventilated attic will move super-heated air out of the attic which in turn cools down your home and reduces your reliance on expensive air conditioning. Attic ventilation can also prevent the buildup of moisture which can damage shingles and lead to mold and mildew.

Attic fans are very important, but there’s an easier and more affordable way to keep your attic cool and prevent mold and mildew. Solar attic fans are powered completely by free solar energy, meaning there are no operating costs and no electrical hookups to worry about. And because these attic fans are powered by the sun, they provide continual ventilation for your attic, even if the power goes out. Contact a solar company in North Central Florida to learn more about the benefits of solar attic fans and to schedule professional installation today.

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