Sun Bandit Solar Hot Water System Basics

Solar Hot Water System Basics

When you are shopping for a new water heater for your home, you may want to check out the innovative products from Sun Bandit . The Sun Bandit line of solar water heaters will provide you with hot water on demand, while also harnessing the power of the sun. These state of the art solar water heater systems are equipped with hybrid solar energy systems that are extremely efficient and effective. A company that specializes in solar hot water installations near Clermont will be able to answer your questions about the benefits of this type of water heating system. Read on for more information about the basics of a Sun Bandit solar water heater.

 Solar Hot Water System Basics

Hybrid Solar Technology

At the core of the Sun Bandit solar hot water heater is a hybrid solar technology system. Unlike a conventional solar hot water heater, which relies on traditional solar panels to heat water, a Sun Bandit unit is equipped with state of the art photovoltaic panels. These panels transfer the energy of the sun into your hot water heater, resulting in clean and efficient water heating technology.

Easy Installation

A top advantage of a Sun Bandit solar water heater is that this type of water heater is very easy to install. In fact, the installation process for a Sun Bandit water heater is similar to that of a conventional unit. When you choose a Sun Bandit water heater for your home, you can rest assured that your technician will be able to install your unit with a few simple and easy steps.

Simple Maintenance

Finally, the Sun Bandit system is very easy to maintain. Sun Bandit has designed their solar water heaters to have no moving parts and very few external components. As a result, there are very few failure points throughout the system. If you are seeking a solar water heater that will provide you with total peace of mind, you may want to check out the models that Sun Bandit has to offer you.