Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Switch to Solar Electric

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Solar Electric and Why Every Homeowner Should Make the Switch

We are in an era of making great strides in eco-friendly solutions to home energy costs. Reducing our carbon footprint is key and we all do our best to conserve energy and make a difference to help our environment. Some might argue that it’s not just beneficial to upgrade to sustainable energy sources, it’s essential for all of us to make moves toward sustainable energy sources!

Reasons Homeowners Make the Switch to Solar Energy

Typically, the most significant use of energy occurs in our homes.  That also means that the most significant reduction of energy costs can occur in the same location. This means talking about how to reduce the use of energy in your home. Two words: solar power. Solar power has so many benefits. Reducing your carbon footprint could be as easy as making a quick switch to solar energy. Here are ten solid reasons to make that switch.

1. Energy Savings
Switching to solar power can vastly improve the state of your energy consumption and also your energy bills. We all know this is the case, but how much does it reduce your bills exactly? Well, most homeowners have said that they have reductions in their energy bills of at least $100 a month. Over the course of a year that’s over $1000 and in a few years the savings really start to add up!

2. A Worthwhile Investment
Although the initial cost of solar panels may be substantial, the return you get on this investment is also substantial. You will begin to see the savings accrue in a matter of months and the solar energy system you have installed will simply pay for itself and then some. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY project and you will want to go with a company that is very reputable and able to install the best solar panels on the market.

3. Financing Options for Solar Panels
Buying solar panels outright can be expensive. However, it is easy to find affordable options through most solar companies because they have many financing options. Some financing fits into the role of a second mortgage, while others just work out to be installment payments with very low interest rates. Some even offer 0% financing.

4. Tax Credits and Rebates
Something that is very appealing when it comes to having solar panels installed is the tax credit and/or government rebate incentive. Many states provide extremely large rebates, tax credits and deductions for people who have solar panels. This is a way you can save money during tax season in addition to what you are saving throughout the year with solar power.

5. Reliable and Renewable Energy
No matter what environmental sources you can count on, you know that one source of energy is there to stay. That is the sun. It is a truly renewable energy source that isn’t going anywhere for a long time. That is a true reduction of your carbon footprint.

6. Safety from Power Outages
With the use of solar energy, you have a reliable source of energy during power outages that you would not have with traditional power sources. With the installation of storage of energy (e.g. a battery system), you are able to store power and use it when there are community brownouts or electrical outages.

7. Creating More Jobs
Solar energy is a great way to contribute to the workforce. By investing in solar power, you are promoting the employment of many people who can find gainful employment by working for solar companies.

8. Easy to Maintain
A solar power system is incredibly easy to take care of. As long as the solar panels are kept clean, there is really nothing more than homeowners need to do. A manufacturer will take care of any repairs that are necessary, as they will likely be covered by a warranty. Check with your solar provider before you buy to make sure you are getting the right kind of warranty coverage.

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9. Increase of Home Value
The addition of solar panels to your home can increase the value and is very appealing to buyers. Even if you are planning to move soon, it may be a good idea to add solar panels to your home so that it will greatly increase in the sellers’ market. In fact, on average, homes will sell for around 4% more than homes that do not have solar power.

10. A Hefty Environmental Impact
The impact that solar panels have on the environment cannot be overstated. You’d have to plant 100 trees per year to make the same impact on the environment that solar panels have. Solar power also dramatically improves the issue of water pollution. Solar panels also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, they’re very helpful in preventing environmental damage.

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Solar panels are a great choice! Cost effective, energy efficient and great for the environment, you could not ask for more when it comes to renewable energy options.

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