What Florida Residents Need to Know About Solar Power

Solar Energy in Ocala, FL

When you install solar panels for your home near The Villages and North Central Florida, you become a part of a renewable energy system that will afford you numerous benefits. Solar power is a form of alternative energy that is eco-friendly, much less expensive than traditional electricity, and requires less maintenance and upkeep. Here is some valuable information that Florida residents need to know about solar power systems.

Switching to Solar is Easy with a Solar Energy Strategy Solar Energy
While you’ll have a multitude of options to choose from when developing a solar power system for your home, your decisions will be easier once you create a solar energy strategy. Your strategy will depend upon the size of your home, your overall lifestyle, and the equipment and appliances that you can power using solar energy. The size and type of solar power system that you install will also depend upon whether you own your home, how long you plan on staying in it, what your budget is, and what your financial plan is for your future.

Florida Offers Amazing Solar Power Incentives
The utility companies in Florida have determined that it is in their best interests to help homeowners utilize solar power rather than paying the fees necessary for not generating enough renewable energy. Homeowners are eligible for solar energy rebates when they choose to install solar panel systems in their homes. These rebates may reduce the initial cost of installing solar panels in the home, or it may be payable in installments after a solar system installation. You are also eligible for the federal government’s 30% solar tax credit after installing a solar panel system.

Florida’s Solar Power Policies Simplify Solar Power Systems
Florida has the nation’s 25 th highest electricity prices, which gives homeowners a huge incentive to switch to an alternative energy system like solar energy. The state also has the nation’s 25 th best solar performance payments. Solar performance payments reward homeowners for the renewable energy that their solar panels produce on an ongoing basis.