Home Solar Panels 101

Solar Electric

Solar panel systems capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. If you’re thinking about installing solar panels for your home near The Villages or North Central Florida, there are a few helpful facts that can help you determine if solar power is right for you. Contrary to popular belief, solar energy can be harnessed to power your household nearly anywhere in the United States, and solar panels can be installed on your roof or the ground near your home.

Solar Panels

Home solar panels create an eco-friendly and inexhaustible source of energy due to their ability to convert sunlight into power. During the day, solar cells inside of the panels absorb the sun’s energy as they are exposed to the light. Inside of the cells are circuits which convert the collected energy into direct current electricity. Finally, because most homes run on an alternating current, the direct current is sent through an inverter which transforms the power to an alternating current. At this point, your house can be powered by the electricity created from the collected solar energy.