Get the Most from Your Pool with Solar Heating

Solar Heating Pool

To take advantage of the excellent Florida weather, follow the lead of thousands of homeowners who have already installed solar pool heating systems in Clermont . A pool heater allows you to swim year-round, and by taking advantage of solar energy it won’t even add to your utility bills. Solar pool heaters can even help cool your pool down at the height of summer when the water temperature may be hotter than you prefer. Read below to learn more about how solar pool heating works.

Pool Heater Principles
Solar pool heaters are simpler than the solar power energy cells that provide electricity to many homes in the Villages. Your existing pool pump circulates water from the pool through large collectors, which are usually mounted on the roof of your home. As the water flows through the collectors, it is naturally warmed by the sun’s energy, just like the water inside a garden hose on a sunny day.

Solar Pool Heating in Clermont Pool Heater Sizing
The size of the solar collectors you will need to properly heat your pool depends on several factors: the size of your pool, the length of the swimming season you want, and the climate. In North Central Florida, you can have a year-round swimming season with a properly sized solar collector. Generally, this means that the total surface area of your solar energy collectors should equal the total surface area of your pool. The larger your collector is, the longer your swimming season will be.

Pool Heater Installation and Life Span
You should have a company that is experienced with residential solar energy solutions install your solar pool heating system to ensure that the system is working in its most efficient manner so you may get the most out of your swimming experience. Also, experienced professionals will determine where to install the solar collectors by determining which areas of your home have the best sun exposure. A correctly installed solar pool heating system will provide you with warm water in your pool for up to 20 years.