A Look at How Solar Pool Heaters Work

Solar pool heating system in Ocala, FL

Once you have installed a solar pool heating system in Clermont or the villages, you may be wondering how your new system works. Solar heating systems function in a relatively simple manner. First, you will set the temperature of the water. During the long North Central Florida day, your system’s solar collectors will capture the energy of the sun’s rays. Cold water from your swimming pool will be pumped through these collectors, warming it before it flows back into your pool. The result is a warm pool that will be perfectly comfortable for you to swim in.

What happens when the sun sets, or when the sky clouds over? Once the collectors aren’t receiving enough sunlight to warm the water, your pool heating system’s sensor turns off the collectors and stops water from flowing through them. This allows your pool to stay warm until the sun comes out again and your system can resume warming it.

Solar Pool Heater