How Solar Tubes Work

If you are looking for an attractive light fixture that utilizes the power of the sun, then you may be interested to learn how solar tubular skylights in Citrus County and Leesburg work. By installing a solar tubular skylight, also called a solar tube and solar light, you will have a sun-filled room the entire day, no matter where the sun is shining in the sky. Here is a brief look at how your solar tubular skylight will work:

A solar tube is a cylindrical piece of reflective material. This mirror-like material captures sunlight and bounces it on the interior surfaces of the tube. As the light travels over multiple surfaces, it reaches the interior of your home, where light will emit through an acrylic dome in the ceiling. The light is evenly spread, so there will be no hot spots from the sunlight. There is also no danger of UV rays entering your home due to the bouncing nature of the light. Solar tubular skylights are the perfect way to use renewable, clean energy in your home with no damage or energy fees.

How Solar Tubes Work

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